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Legal Separation Agreement- Why Better Than Divorce

If your marriage is on the verge of divorce, it is time to consult an attorney and both of you need to sign legal separation agreement. If you and your spouse accept the terms easily, the process can go all smooth. Though in many states, legal separation is approved, there are many states where legal separation is not there. In that case, you should talk to your attorney about the options if you want legal separation.

What Is Legal Separation Agreement

When you and your spouse settle down to separate legally, the separation agreement can help to decide your claims on property, rental properties, bank accounts, child’s custody, assets and debts. Let’s see when and how a marriage separation agreement can be used-

  • If both of you decide to get separated legally and agree on terms of dividing properties between you two.
  • If you and your spouse have agreed on divorce and prefer to be separated legally.
  • If you consider to get separated and want to set your terms for the division of property.
  • If you want to appoint an attorney for legal separation and prefer to be prepared with the planning of the division of properties and assets.

Why Seeking a Separation Agreement Is Better Than Filing Divorce

Once your divorce is finalized by the court, your marriage ends there. But, a marriage separation agreement, instead of being legal process, keeps you still in the marital bond. Here are the common reasons why separation agreement is better than a Divorce-

  1. Maybe the couple is not emotionally ready yet for the separation.
  2. A couple neither wants to stay together nor wants a divorce.
  3. Maybe a couple want to share the tax benefits and medical insurance together, no matter they are not staying together.
  4. Before filing for a divorce, if a couple wants to reside in a state of separation.
  5. If you have to pay spousal support during separation, this agreement helps in deducting these expenses from your tax return.
  6. Before starting to contest divorce case, a couple comes on settlement on properties, assets and other financial issues.

Here you need to remember that going for marriage separation agreement is not lesser expensive than filing a divorce as here also you need to appoint an attorney.

As people need alimony attorneys alexandria va while filing for divorce, they also need them while signing this agreement so that the document can be presented to the court at the time of divorce procedure.