All one need to know about chafing dishes rentals

Are you planning for a great get-together? Whether it is charity fund raiser or a birthday bash, serving buffet-style is the vogue of the day. For this you will have to go for services form chafing dishes rentals.  In a buffet table, the chafing dishes will keep you food hot. The guests will be able to look after themselves while the host can go on mixing and mingling with the gathering.

Chafing dishes are also known as steam pans. They are large dish plates in which special arrangements like providing a stove below has been made to keep the food at serving temperature. Heat source can be gas or electricity and the heating element is placed underneath water pan.


Chafing dishes are usually oval or round. But there are also ornately decorated dishes used for special occasions. Such ornately decorated dishes are made of silver and they usually rest on platform with pointed legs. They are readily available at caterers equipment rentals around the cornerChafing dishes can be purchased from a departmental store or from catering supply outlets.

The most commonly used chafing dish is in rectangular form made of stainless steel. Water pan is usually placed on wire/chrome rack and it holds two half-sized pans.

Disposable chafing disc are the latest arrival in this field. Even though they look like stainless steel one, large water pans and two smaller water pans in them are made of aluminum. Their fire racks are thinner. They are also called as caterer’s racks and they are usually provided by caterers equipment rentals.

For home use, rectangular chafing dishes of the size 10x12x4 (half size) and 20x12x4(full size) are commonly used. These are either made of steel or aluminum. Water pans are full sized and are correct fitting and wire racks are often full-sized.

How to use

One important thing to remember is that chafing dishes are not intended to bring the food to the serving temperature.  Food in the proper temperature only can be put into these dishes. They only maintain the temperature of the food in them.  The water in the pan is kept at a temperature that is very close to that of the food pan. Now the sterno is lit and placed under water pan. The resulting steam maintains the serving temperature of the dish inside the pan. Periodically check the water level and maintain it and stir the food occasionally for even distribution of the heat. You can also opt for party glassware rentals.

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