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Top 5 exercise to lose weight and stay fit

Effective exercise to lose weight must be the part of every weight loss program. Just like eating healthy, incorporating exercises and workouts is equally important. Your best exercise program must incorporate both cardio and toning aspect. Top 5 exercises will help you to get the body of dreams. They will tone your body and get you back to shape.

Aerobic exercise: the best way to lose weight

Most of the top exercises or workout plans to lose weight incorporate aerobics. Aerobic exercises will effectively target your problem areas like hips, legs, bums. An hour of step aerobics is essential for women. They can split 1 hour into two sessions. Results will be apparent in just 2 week time. Bench press is also a good exercise.

Cycling: the easiest but the most effective

A lot depends on the intensity with which you go for cycling. If the intensity is high, you can burn 1200 calories in an hour. You can also cycle indoors while watching TV. To make things enjoyable, ride outdoors.

Swimming: the top exercise to lose flab and stay fit

Swimming is thought to be the best form of exercise that can help you lose ugly flab. To get best results, go for swimming during summers. Do the lap up and down the swimming pool for just an hour to burn 1000 calories.

Toning stomach with elliptical burner

Looking to tone your body and build strong muscles? Elliptical burner is the great way of doing that. You can build strong muscles while toning your belly. Listen to your favorite tunes and enjoy elliptical burner. Spending an hour on the machine can let you burn up to 800 calories.

Rowing machine: brilliant way to shed extra kilos

Looking to tone your arms? Rowing is a fun exercise which helps one to lose weight while toning the arms. A local rowing club will let you indulge with the machine for free. You will burn calories and build arm muscles.

Can walking help?

Apart from the 5 exercises mentioned, walking is thought to be the best form of exercise to tone hips, stomach, thighs and buttocks. The cardio exercise is the easiest. You can walk across the hill or move up the hills to enjoy nature while burning calories to tone the body.

There are many exercises to lose weight but the best weight loss clinic fairfax va will be the one which suits you. Some people love to walk and lose the maximum weight simply with brisk walking. Similarly, if swimming is your favorite past time activity, it can be the best exercise for you.

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