What is spousal support?

Spousal support is the amount of money or property given by one spouse to another at the time of divorce. The spousal support is same as alimony and maintenance amount. You should consult with your divorce attorney to know more about this topic. Spousal support is usually given to the spouse who earns less money or who do not have any source of income. It can be provided for years or for a short duration of time, depends on the capability of spouse to obtain retraining or get a job to become financially stable. As the divorce procedure may (depend on your case) take a long time and can result a plenty of stress, it is usually simpler for the couples to get separated beforehand.

Does only husbands are liable to pay spousal support?

Spousal support payments can make it possible to move out and give a new start to life in a safe and secure location. In order to get right spousal support amount, you can consult with your divorce lawyer. Your lawyer can calculate the right amount so that you can obtain a deserving share of spousal support. So, it is important to take frank advice of your lawyer before taking any final decision.

What are the requirements for getting spousal support?

The initial requirement for getting spousal support is that you should be getting a divorce or decided to live apart. In case there is no divorce or separation, then you are not liable to receive spousal support amount. This is the primary requirement for getting support is divorce! Now, despite of age, sex and job, you are allowed to ask for spousal support. If you have children, you got child custody after divorce, you can ask for more alumni or maintenance amount. As you require taking care about expenses of your children and both parents are required to take care of their children.

If possible you can discuss with your spouse (former) about spousal support matter, and outline spousal support payments mutually. And in case, you both do not agree on one conclusion, you can let allow courts to decide right payment for you. This clearly means that the divorce law is covered as a portion of what are the chances of obtaining it. This is an important financial matter, so you should hire the best divorce lawyer to handle this matter.


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