Allergist Rockville

Spring Allergy Triggers

If you live in Rockville then you would find no dearth of Spring Allergy Triggers during the season that is most popular for bringing pain to those who are allergic. Spring allergy is a quite popular and widely prevalent medical condition in the world and millions of people suffer from this condition either in the mild or acute form. Spring allergies have known to affect many people and have forced them to either change their hometown or increase the frequency of doctor visit for them due to the extremely painful symptoms that never seem to leave you for a second while you are suffering from the allergy.

What causes Allergies?

Spring allergies are not a result of just one but many factors that may cumulatively affect a person. Some of these causes can be weak immunity, increased air pollution or higher density of pollen grains in the air. Pollen being one of the most popular reasons of the allergy has made many people take additional precautions during the season when trees fertilize. During spring, the trees release pollens in the air in order to pollinate and this causes them to enter the human respiratory system. If someone has a weaker immunity or is allergic then they would experience symptoms like runny nose, itchy throat, fever and congestion. Together it is called Hay fever.

How to treat Spring Allergy?

One of the common ways to prevent allergy is by trying not to breathe the outside air without using a mask. You may also cover your windows with nets and try to keep the window seal up while driving. But it is not always possible to avid the air and there are high chances you may get the allergy. In that case it is a wise idea to see an Allergist Rockville has. The allergist would be able to classify your allergy for further treatment and the lack of this knowledge can make you treat the condition in a wrong way.

Common Medications for the Condition

One of the common medications for allergy is antihistamine that helps in treating almost all symptoms of the condition including runny nose, headache and irritation. You may take additional remedies to avoid or treat the condition and avoid the doctor altogether. One better way to fight allergies is to increase the liquid intake in diet and also consume nutritious diet with lots of protein. You should also increase your fruit intake for the purpose.