Specialist in treating allergy

An allergist is a doctor who diagnosis the complete allergic symptoms. There is very common confusion rolling around the society about the role of ENT specialist and the allergist. Most of the common people prefer ENT specialist to aproper allergist. They are not aware of the responsibility of the allergist over diagnosis and treating allergies. To have a clear view, it is necessary to distinguish between allergist and ENT specialist. ENT specialist is, generally, the surgeon who interfaces the anatomical problem arise out in ears, nose, and throat whereas the allergist is concerned about the nasal cavity and issues arising over there due to aforeign body. At no point of thematter, an ENT could help or interrupt the work of allergist, but the later has the responsibility to help the former in dealing with some sort of illness in ears, nose, and throat.

Allergist:  they are working as consultation physician in multi-specialty hospitals also they are serving their best in their private clinics apart from their hospital boundary. It is the duty of the allergist to diagnose the victim and make a note of their correlated respiratory problems that may be created by the allergens. For example, asthmatic patients are most easily getting caught into the allergic problems. Rather in the case of avoiding, the allergens, some of them are prone to be exposed to. In such case, the allergist will make use of allergic shots, immunotherapy,a regular dose of the allergens to the victim and to immunize the patient’s resistivity against the allergens.

Seasonal allergy: rhinitis, sinusitis are some of the medical illness that arise out of allergens like molds, pollen, weeds, etc. these allergies are seasonal and affect the selective victims at a particular time. Apart from the external source of allergens, there are some of the allergies arise out of food habit, medicines, vaccination for children, etc. getting deep at this point, there come out many sought of cases showing allergic reactions to food. Especially, the fresh seafood is prone to allergic to certain people. Sulfur, tetracycline type of medicines is known to allergic to some group of individuals. Vaccinating the infants, children may cause post-vaccination allergies like rashes, redness of skin, fever, and irritation of body cavities. However, these instances are about 1 in lakh of common people.

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