allergy and asthma clinic

Consult specialist for best allergy and asthma treatment

The allergy doctor is also known as physician who is specially trained in the allergic medication. They are trained to diagnose and do the proper treatment to manage the problems. The allergy doctor should be trained properly in diagnosing the various immunodeficiency disorders because most of the allergic infections are caused by the malfunctions of immunological systems.

Course of allergy doctor

First of all physicians will have to complete the basic medical course and after being a graduate in the medical science they have to undergo a special training of three years under the guidance of internal and pediatrics. They have to pass the exam to be the specialists in allergic medication. Generally the training is given during their internship period. They get various practical training as well during the course period.

What is the cause of allergy?

Allergy is a common problem regarding the health issue. Nobody is free from an allergic infection in life. The allergic infections depend on various causes. The allergic infection starts from a complicated chain reaction of the immunological system. Hence, it should be known what the immune system does. The immune system of the body helps to make the person able to fight against the foreign agents. The allergic infection can cause from the pollens or specific foods. Then the immune system starts to build up antibodies called immunoglobulin E to fight against the allergens.

Allergic infection for the asthma patients

Everyone thinks that the allergy means itching problem or sneezing. There is evidence allergic infection for the asthma patients too. Allergic asthma can be caused by many ways. What are the allergens responsible for this infection? These may be:

  • Pollens of seeds, flowers are the main allergens which result in allergic asthma.
  • Pollens of died parts and died spores.
  • Dander of animals, like dried particles from hair, skins.
  • Sometimes the saliva of pet animals acts as the allergen.
  • Feces of dust mites, and so on.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

To provide the proper allergy and asthma service, one has to know the symptoms of allergic asthma. These are:

  • Chronic cough
  • Breathe with difficulty
  • Suffering from short breath
  • Feeling congestion in the chest, and so on.

The diagnosis and treatment to asthma

The doctors take a small part of a cough or skin and test for the presence of allergens. They should go for the blood test to see if there is any immunological deficiency. After diagnosing the allergens and cause of the disease, they prescribe the proper medicine to overcome the problem. Sometimes the pulmonary function test is done to decide for the best allergy and asthma clinic appropriate for a patient.