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Robots โ€“ Robotic Facts Everyone Should Know

Over 70 percent of Americans seem to believe that robots are going to oust them from their jobs. There are even some who claim that a ban should be implemented on the killer robotic machines.

Indeed, there are lots of opinions and fears about this specific form of technology, but what is really going on? Some proponents of this development attended robotics conferences to learn the latest news straight from the real professionals and experts in robotics. Many of them has helped several awesome robotics companies in launching their innovative products which ignited their interest to understand the newest priorities, concerns, and purchasing tendencies of the robotics developers, manufacturers, strategists, and buyers.

Below are some of the quick facts that robotics conferences have revealed:

Drones are Taking the Spotlight

Out of all the numerous types of robotics that are on the market right now, drones happen to be the one thing that has earned the attention and interest of most people. In fact, around 60 percent of attendees of conferences showed more interest in drones than others. The second and third most famous options are the use of robotics in manufacturing industry and in medical environments.

Line of Business Drives Robotics Purchasing Decisions

It is said that about 47 percent of attendees indicated that the engineers were the ones responsible for buying robotics. There is also 42 percent who claimed that it was due to operations, while only 5 percent said that it was information technology.

Costs and Productivity are the Focus

As far as robotics is concerned, many people are more focused on costs and productivity. This is not really a big surprise because robotics is usually related to automation. Companies are not at that point yet wherein improving revenue or customer experience is the primary consideration for the use of robotics.

Cost is the Biggest Challenge

Based on a survey, around 42 percent of people rank cost as the biggest challenge that robotics is currently facing. The ability to customize robotics technology was only a close second with 32 percent. Some other factors such as regulations, power consumption, and user adoption got considerably lower rankings.

Little Experience or Tools to Help

The industry of robotics is still in the age of infancy with very little experience or tools to help. Around 90 percent of respondents indicated that they were not using any amazing apps to manage their launch and development process. The remaining 74 percent had below two years of experience in dealing with robotics.