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Why Every Home Should Have an Area Rug

Being a homeowner, you always look for cool ideas to make your home a decent and inviting place for everyone, especially the members of the family. With a lot of options to shop at this time of age, you will never run out of things and furniture ideas to add to your personal shack. Of course, you should start with the most common home “must-haves”, like an area rug for instance. For some, they prefer having their entire home fully carpeted. But others, they still wanted to feel that extra warmth on their feet. Many hauls on rugs on sale for area rugs that are a lot cheaper rather than buying them at their regular prices. Although you are not to expect too when on sale if you wanted to be practical and thrifty, waiting for items at a discounted offer is not bad at all.

Adding An Extra Comfort To Your Floors

For homes with wooden, tiled or laminated flooring, placing an area rug is advisable. Aside from the fact that area rugs are globally phenomenal they also provide your homes with countless benefits. Still, many homeowners are undecided whether they should coat their home flooring with a certain piece of rug or not. Not unless you’re fully carpeted from floor to wall, then you do not need a rug. But there are still some who wanted a rug on top of their carpet which is fine too.

Let’s face it, area rugs come with like a zillion designs and styles. They have the traditional rugs, silk rugs, Persian rugs, antique rugs, handmade rugs, tribal, and oriental rugs. And many more. But what really draws us into this rug obsession is its power to unify that room’s persona. It gives it a different feel, a different touch, and a totally different ambiance. Being it a decor alone sets one room distinct from the other spaces. It’s like the rug creates a new environment to whatever part of the house they are being placed.

The Benefits

The number 1 rule before purchasing anything is that you should always think and find out what you are going to get from buying it? What are the reasonable benefits that it will provide you and your entire household? What’s the catch? Those sort of things. Now, when it comes to adding area rugs in your home, here are the pros for you.

IT REDUCES NOISE. Regardless of the surface of your floor, unless it’s carpeted, does not absorb any kind of sound or noise. Notice that it echoes inside your room with your hard flooring too plain. But compare it with carpeted rooms and those with area rugs, you could barely hear an echo. It’s because rugs ingest noise just like carpets. So if you wanted your space to be soundproof, then lay over a rug and you will get what you’ve wished for.

COMFORT AT YOUR SOLE. There’s no denying that carpet and rugs are so pleasing to walk on, sit on, and stand on without feeling the pressure on your legs and body. It catches the intensity of your footstep making your walk soundless. With proper cleaning and maintenance, whoever walks on your floor covers will find it inviting to sit or lay on them and just relax. Even your pets will have difficulty in ignoring the calming feeling of those soft, warm surfaces.

THE WARM EFFECT.  Again, rugs and carpets are perfect home additions because of the warmth that they provide to the entire house. Compared to solid floor surfaces, rugs and carpets have like warmers underneath them making it more comfortable not just to walk on it barefoot, but to also wind down on it to feel at ease.

Make Your Choice

Do you know that area rug does not only provide benefits to human beings, but to furniture as well? The moment that an area rug is properly situated it can secure any furniture that will be placed on top of it, like chairs, tables or even cabinets. It can avoid slipping or scratchy noises to your physical floor. Plus, let us not set aside its’ avant-garde effect when a furniture is placed on a rug. Its stylish side just elevates.

Another winning mark of the area rug is its calming and rejuvenating impact to the human body. In Feng Sui, having an area rug brings out the positive energy inside the home at a much slower pace compared to the energy that flows over solid floorings. The faster the energy travels will only result in anxiety or unbalanced feelings and emotions. Whilst slower energy travels highlights positivity, peace, and harmonious relationship within the household.

May the above-mentioned benefits of having an area rug enlightened your confused mind. So why don’t you drop by your nearest traditional rugs Vienna VA dealer or other area rugs store around you so you can take home that stylish floor covering that provides more than what you think is capable of.

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A tribal rugs-most preferred decorative piece for all interior decorators

Tribal rugs are something that could include an extra emotion to almost all rooms in a house. These are considered as one of the most beautiful decorative pieces of the house and also featured as the centerpiece of large area of a house. Often it might feel that these types of rugs may not be perfect for any small rooms. The pattern and styles that are utilized in it may have changed or modified little over the years. Now these rugs appear as the most popular styles in all over the world.

 Tribal Rug:

The tribal rugs are generally woven by pastoral or nomadic people and these are woven based on traditional motifs with hand-spun wool. These are originally woven on looms made by wood which can be easily set up on the ground. They normally have very lower knot count where geometric pattern and symmetrical floral are generally found on the rugs. But these types of pattern often are woven with wool on the plant based dyes. Tribal rugs are wonderful decorative piece, used for the adorning aspects of a house. These decorative pieces are fantastic for decorating a smaller bedroom, dining area, den, and apart from this it might also be used to spice up larger areas of a house by grouping several together. A tribal rug gets huge popularity among the shoppers as an extremely fashionable piece that prefers daring and basic designs.

Effective Decoration with Tribal Rugs

Though it might be smaller, these types of rugs are still extremely valued as it still maintains the quality of ancient craftsmanship which has been passed through generations. These decorative pieces also offer excellent combination of durability with skill and expert craftsmanship that is portrayed in its bold and striking patterns. The distinctive designs of these rugs can be utilized as the contemporary furniture. The attractive combination of geometric patterns and symmetrical design and bold looks could add a unique and elegant touch to almost all areas of your house. It is comparatively easy to include a finishing touch to any space by strategically adding these tribal rugs.

These tribal rugs are also said as antique rugs online that can be used on walls as well. Interior designers prefer these types of decorative piece very much because it will easily enhance the look of a space by hanging on the wall. You can hang these rugs to conceal the discolorations or imperfections on the wall surface. While being a decorative piece, it could serve multipurpose function.


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Factors to consider before purchasing Persian antique rugs

The first thing to consider while buying Persian antique rugs is to think why you wish to go for only an antique piece. Each and every purchase of an individual has some objective. In this world, there are only a few things which are said as antique pieces. If you are looking to beautify a space or the room, it is crucial to consider antique pieces. It can really build any area and enhance the appeal. To decorate a room, there is no need for any second thought but opt an antique rug.

Consider various factors before buying the Persian rug:

Is the carpet original in nature?

This is the first factor to be considered. Only when the Persian rug is original and antique in true sense, it is considered worth the purchase. Thousands of rug buyers feel drawn towards only original pieces. If you know what a fake rug is all about, you will be able to distinguish between a fake one and genuine one.

Purchase antique rug as per the region

When it comes to a Persian rug, there is difference between the rugs produced by various areas. Antique rugs that are made in various regions differ greatly. Among all kinds of rugs, only a Persian antique rug is valuable and has an appeal. Rugs of other regions will not cost you so much as that from Persia. When you buy the rug, you must get the value for money. You can decorate your living room.

Rug purchase is practical or an investment

Some people buy the rug just to beautify a space while others consider it as investment. If you want to buy the area carpet as investment, buy something which is even older than 70-80 years. But, an investment grade rug will not be that useful since it will wear out over time.

Handmade or machine made

Antique rugs from Persia are always handmade and never machine made. They will be authentic and use weaving and knotting methods which are older than centuries. If you are looking for the handmade ones, buy the rug made from natural fibers. Only when your budget is less, get the machine made. Check out the material properly before making the purchase.

When you buy Persian rugs online of genuine grade, do not forget to buy the rug pad. It will prevent the rug from slipping when you walk on it. They will also absorb excessive friction and prevent wear and tear.

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How To Preserve Your Rugs

There are so many types of rugs that people can choose from nowadays to make their homes look even better and elegant, and if you buy traditional rug most of the time, chances are you already have a few boxes of rugs that you have kept for the longest time.

Rugs can be used anywhere, depending on the size, it could cover the whole dining or living room. Some have it in their bedroom while it’s most common in receiving areas where in visitors can appreciate its stylish deigns. There are so many rug store in Virginia, if you live nearby, who offers different patterns and sizes that may suit your needs, however, discounted Persian rug is the most popular choice of buyers.

Proper Care for Rugs

Avoiding too much sun exposure on your rugs helps maintain its good quality and texture. Too much of sunlight may damage its color and may result in to fading especially for the older rugs. In areas where there is direct sunlight on the part of the rug, see to it that you rotate them so that they would have even sun exposure as they will surely fade in time.

Vacuuming the rug is fine as long as you don’t use too much pressure on it. This helps maintain cleanliness to its fibers. In times that there are some cases that somebody spills on your rug, washing them off right away also prevent stains forming on the rug. Using a dry cloth to absorb the spills will help avoid too much wetness on the rug. Washing it with plain water should do the trick, just don’t leave the rug wet for a long period of time to preserve its beauty.

When there is just too much rugs at home, tendencies are you will be forced to choose your favorites and just keep the others. Storing your rugs may require a few attentions such as not putting them inside a plastic bag, placing in a cool, dry place and if possible, have them washed first before keeping them.

Cleaning the Rugs

Vacuum is a very common tool in cleaning your antique rugs, however, if you notice some threads or fibers showing up, vacuuming the rug may worsen the situation. Washing your carpets regularly is recommended but should be just plain water most of the time. If you wanted to shampoo your carpet, this can also be done but only a few times in a year to make sure you prevent the color form fading.

There are professional rug cleaners that you can hire for cleaning antique rugs or you can bring it to a dry cleaning service to make sure that it is being taken care of. Bigger rugs are harder to clean and needs a huge space when hanging them, while having them dry cleaned may cost you more. Making sure that you have the necessary cleaning tools for your rugs ensures that you are somehow preserving their color and material so that you can still use them after a few years provided you keep them in a good storage.

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