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How heart gets badly affected by smoking?

Cigarette smoking is quite similar to slow poisoning as it kills the smoker gradually. Every year, you can find news of millions of death due to this unhealthy practice. If this practice becomes an addiction, then it is pretty tough to discontinue the same. It affects human heart badly as a result of which different kinds of heart troubles might arise.

Why smoking is harmful for heart?

Cigarettes are usually made up strong tobaccos that are of full of harmful chemicals and these chemicals get transferred within blood-vessels at the time of cigarette smoking. These chemicals release a lot of toxic elements that might hamper or interrupt the overall heart functioning. Atherosclerosis is one of the most dreadful consequences that can arise in your heart.

The arteries slowly get narrow down as a result of regular intake of cigarette smoke as a result of which the blood circulation is interrupted. This interrupted blood flow might cause great damages to your heart. In case of extreme conditions, the arteries can even get blocked which ultimately leads to cardiac arrest or stroke.

Bad Cholesterols will increase within the blood of the smokers as a result of which the troubles of obesity and high blood-pressures will be invited. These kinds of health conditions are not good for heart condition and thus they need to be avoided. Diabetic patients must not smoke at all otherwise their life will get endangered. Regular intake of cigarette smoke can cause weakening and damaging of the blood vessels which is quite a risky condition for heart health.

Heart problems due to smoking

  • Coronary heart-disease is one of the leading diseases due to smoking where coronary arteries get affected for plague build-up. Some of the commonest symptoms are heart failure, heart attack, chest pain, arrhythmia and even death in extreme cases.
  • Peripheral arterial issue is quite a serious heart disease as a result of which blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels increase along with the risk of obesity. This issue can worsen further in case cigarette intake is not stopped. Limbs, heads and other organs will stop receiving fresh blood due to this kind of arterial issue.
  • If the plague accumulation increases and gets hardened with the passage of time, then your heart will get exposed to Atherosclerosis. Blood will fail to carry sufficient amount of oxygen to the heart with the arrival of this kind of situation.