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Car Window Tinting: Installing Auto Protective Film on Your Car Glass Window

Car window tinting is one of the most popular methods in making your car glass windows darkened. By using this method, you need to treat the glass windows correctly before you attach the protective car film. This can be the cheapest way to make your car glass window darkened and there are so many experts that say this layer can protect any drivers from the glass flakes when the glass window is broken or when your car get a collision.

For your information, this protective car film is temporary and you need to replace it with new car paint protective film each five years to avoid cracks and other damages on your auto glass. You need to consider hiring an auto glass window tinting service rather than installing it by your own way. This can avoid the appearance of cracks when you put it on your auto glass.

Installing Protective Car Film

Somehow, you decide to install the car window film by your own way. Therefore, you need some tips before you do that. Here are some tips on applying an auto protective car film on your auto glass window.

Cleaning up the Window

The first thing that you need to do before attaching the glass tint protective film is to clean up the window. You need to clean every corner of the car window both the inner part and the outer part. You need to clean up until the car window is absolutely clean. This is really important to prevent it from bubbles. You also need to clean the dirt using a razor if it is needed to make sure that it is clean.

Measuring and Cutting the Film

Another thing to do when you have auto window tinting is to measure the size of the auto glass window and then cut the film according to the glass window size. You can lay the film on the glass window and then cut accordingly. You can use a sharp razor or a knife to cut the film. You need to do it carefully to get the best cutting and fits the glass window. After that, you can clear the cutting up so that the shape is similar to the glass window shape.

Spraying a Liquid for Installation

This liquid is really important to support the protective film and you need to spray a lot of liquid on the inner part of the glass and then you can remove the protective plastic on the film so that you can paste up the film on the glass. You also need to spray some liquid on the film as you do it on the glass.

Pasting Up the Protective Film

You need to position the protection film correctly and carefully on the car window and make sure that the film is attached to the car window. You can start from the bottom and then you can go to the top part. You need to lower down the window so that you can do it easily. It will be very easy to apply it if you buy the best paint protective film for cars.

Well, those are several ways to do auto glass tinting to make your auto glass window look more colorful or if you want to make the car window look dark from the outside. You need to follow some of those ways to do a proper installation of a protective film for a car.