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These Are The 5 Most Popular Hair Coloring Methods

Coloring your hair has become a pop culture these days, and it would not be an exaggeration to say, colored-hair is the new cool. Suffice to say, you must be scratching your head as in which coloring method is going to suit your hair best. Would it be balayage hair highlights, ombre, or some other type. We have detailed out a list of methods from which you can choose the one that fits the bill for you!

Highlights Give You A Glamorous Look

One of the oldest hair coloring methods, and by far the most approachable method worldwide. It is the best option for the newbies who have never experienced anything of this sort. If you are a beginner and you are not willing to go beyond the basic stuff, this is the right choice for you.

Highlighting is basically giving your hair a multi-dimensional look. You get a bunch of your locks colored, only a quarter of your hair is highlighted in a different color, the natural color of your hair gets blended with an artificial color. The colorist picks a tiny bunch of hair and colors it from root to end. Then, another tiny bunch is left uncolored. The hairstylist picks up the hair to be colored alternatively, and this is how the process continues.

You have a sea of colors to opt for. You are not bound to opt for the widely popular colors, so to speak.

Ombre Can Satisfy Your Urge For A Different Look

If you choose to get an ombre, you are sure to flaunt a super-chic hairstyle. Ombre is not a conventional one, it ticks all the boxes of an ultra awesome hairstyle.

Your hairstylist will not even touch your roots, they will only get your bottom locks colored. This is what ombre really is. Your hair will plainly be divided into two halves — the top and the bottom. The top half of your hair is likely to remain natural and uncolored while the rest of your hair (belonging to the bottom) will all be colored. Highlights and ombre are poles apart in terms of technique.

Sombre – An Upgraded Version of Ombre

There is a very thin line between ombre and sombre. Sombre is just an advanced version of ombre, rest assured – they are certainly not worlds apart.

Like the former, the roots of your hair remain undisturbed here too. Your hairdresser starts coloring your hair right from the middle, and he does not rely on the bottom locks only. This is what draws a fine line between ombre and sombre

Sombre gives your hair a revitalizing look. It is most apt for women with short hair as their colored hair get eminently illustrated.

Balayage Stands Out

Balayage is a celebrity-favorite hair color with best foods for hair as most Hollywood celebrities could be seen donning it. If you ask your hairdresser to give you a balayage, he would begin from the middle and would compile large portions of your hair four to six times. Balayge is by far the most ravishing hair color because it does not look like a forgery, it looks nearly natural.

The difference between balayage and lowlights is, small portions of hair are separated to be colored when it’s merely lowlighting, while on the other hand when it’s balayaging, large chunks are taken out to be colored.

Babylights are also popular but balayage beats the rest. It is the most well-received hair coloring technique of the decade. People have been really receptive of the balayage.

Bronde Is An Unusual But Widely Loved Color

The amalgamation of brown and blond is given a name, bronde. It is not exactly an intermingling of brown and blonde. You are wrong if you are thinking your hair will get two colors simultaneously, no. A big fat no. Bronde is, in fact, an intermediate something between brown and blonde.

The hair colorist will split up your hair into a number of halves. He will start coloring from the bottom-most layer, and step by step, he will proceed towards the top. The hairdresser will take each portion and start coloring it from near the root.

Most of these colors stay for at least 6 to 7 months, to be concise. Some people maximize the tenure, but in most cases, the color starts fading within 7 months. Afterwards, you need to upgrade your hair color in order to perpetuate it. You should choose reputable hair salon specializing in color Rockville for best results.

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