benefits of quartz countertops

Factors to consider before buying quartz kitchen tops

Choosing the right countertop material is essential to creating a beautiful kitchen space. Quartz countertops are durable, easy to clean, and stain resistant. They’re also available in many different colors and styles.

Factors to consider before buying quartz countertops

In this article, we put together all the factors that you should consider before buying quartz kitchen countertops. Read on to discover five ways to choose the best one for your needs.

Think About Functionality

If you’re looking for a quartz countertop that will last for years, consider choosing a product with a high level of durability. Look for a material that’s made with quartz crystals, not just quartz itself. This means that the surface will be stronger than other materials. It will also resist scratches and stains better than other surfaces.

Quartz countertops are extremely durable and easy to maintain. You won’t find scratches or chips on them, and they’re stain-resistant. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and designs.

Look at the Price Tag

You’ll need to spend some money when buying a quartz countertop. However, there are options available that will help you save money while still getting a quality product. One option is to buy a pre-cut slab of quartz. These slabs come in different sizes and shapes so you can easily fit them into any design scheme. They’re also easy to install because you won’t need to cut them yourself. Another option is to buy a ready-to-install quartz countertop kit. Kits typically include everything you need to complete the installation process, such as screws, adhesive, and sealant.

Consider Durability

A durable quartz countertop is an investment that will last for years. It’s important to consider how much maintenance you’ll need to do with the countertop before making a purchase. If you plan on doing lots of heavy cooking, you might want to opt for a more durable material. On the other hand, if you plan on using the countertop only occasionally, you might not need something as durable.

Check Out the Warranty

You should also check out the warranty offered by the manufacturer. This will help you determine whether the product has been tested for durability and quality.

To add some color to your kitchen, consider installing quartz countertops. These surfaces are stain resistant, easy to clean, scratch resistant, and come in a variety of colors and designs. They’re also very affordable. You can find them at most home improvement stores.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Before making any purchase, ask yourself these questions: What is my budget? How much do I need to spend? Do I need a professional installation? Is there an option for DIY installation? If so, what tools do I need?

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re extremely durable. You’ll find them at home improvement stores, and they typically cost between $1,000 and $2,500 per square foot. However, if you’re looking for something less expensive, granite is still a viable option. Granite comes in a wide range of prices, from around $400 to $3,000 per square foot. The price depends on the size of the slab, the color, and whether it’s honed or unhewn.


Quartz tops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, do not let that confuse you. You can get consultation from a professional countertop dealer near you. Just hit “quartz countertops dealer Rockville” on Google and you will find several reputed stores. Don’t forget to read reviews before heading to a store. Dealing with professional installers is the only way to get the most value for your money without poking a hole in your wallet.


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What Are The Benefits Of Quartz Countertops

Granite countertop has remained the first choice of people sans any competitor giving it a tough time, however, things seem to be changing now. Granite has gotten a contemporary that seems to be equally rewarding and is in the best interest of buyers. Quartz countertops have become the newest crush of customers of this reasonably huge market. There’s a sea of people preferring quartz countertops over other types that the market has to offer, and here are the main reasons according to quartz countertop contractors.

Sturdy, Durable and Made to Last

These apparently tough quartz countertops tend to last really long as they have been formed using few solid materials. These countertops are created with 90% quartz and 10% polymers — these two materials guarantee the toughness and resistance of the product.

If you opt for the quartz countertops, you would not be needing to get them fixed or repaired in a couple of years at least.  The substance used in their formation ascertains durability and indestructibility. The solid-rock material used to manufacture quartz countertops is most likely to stop them from catching damage.

Non-Porous Countertops

It is a common kitchen problem; if you do not have rock-solid countertops, you might be required to clean your kitchen more carefully and more frequently. On the other hand, if you acquire a symmetrical and dead-solid countertop, kitchen cleaning would be a piece of cake for you.

The way these quartz countertops have been designed, they leave no room for the water and spills to penetrate inside unlike granite countertops.

Some countertops start fading and losing its substance after they have been used for a year or two; cracks and holes can be spotted in case the material used to manufacture those countertops is not up to scratch.

No Fixes, No Mends – Easiest To Maintain

Quartz countertops are not made of natural stones, unlike some of the contemporaries. Countertops that are engineered using natural stones usually have a wax coating that calls for high-maintenance. Most fortunately, quartz countertops are absolutely free of all these apprehensions. Hence, they do not need to be carefully managed and vigilantly maintained.

It’s not really worrisome to maintain a quartz countertop; there’s less chances for fixes and repairs.

Once you are investing your hard-earned money in buying a product, why would you be willing to waste more money in order to maintain it? You need to be half-wit to do so. No sensible person would ever want to make heavy re-investments to keep an old product up to mark. If you are thinking to buy a countertop, quartz countertop is the only one tending to save you from re-investments.

Wash Your Countertop Like a Pro

Since it has a non-porous surface, it is easy to clean. Quartz countertop is not prone to catching stains, therefore, you will not have to rub the surface barbarically to wipe out stains. Suffice to say, a couple of harsh rub-downs can ruin the freshness of your countertop. You are lucky that you are going to opt for quartz countertops, not only you are saving yourself a lot of energy, you will not be required to do a lot of scrubbing sessions.

A Wide Array of Colors and Aesthetics

Quartz countertops come with a wide variety of colors, designs and aesthetics. As it has been mentioned earlier, quartz is a countertop extracted from artificial means, hence, it has a never-ending variety and diversity to offer.

Some color-combinations are especially created to suit the taste of potential customers. A list of ideas have been inculcated to cater to the wants of current and aspiring buyers. You can expect your home to have a vogueish ambience if you are thinking to buy these quartz countertops.

Stain-Proof and Able to Stand Up to the Likely Dangers

Corian is a rare material used in giving a finishing touch to quartz countertop. This material helps you do away with stains of all sorts; be it lime, tomato, oil, coffee, juice, wine — quartz countertops have the ability to resist any and every kind of smudges and splashes. Having a stain-free countertop is a luxury no one would want to miss out on.

Stains are the most stubborn of all that exists in the universe. They can literally drain your dry in order to be removed from the surface of your countertop. And, quartz countertops are setting you free of these stubborn mates.

Now that you know why quartz countertops are good investment, use a quartz countertop installer Rockville to get the quartz worktop of your choice installed.

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