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Work Outside And Don’t Mind The Allergies

Having your dream job is amazing. And being able to take it outside your four-walled office is much more exciting. Although there are chances you might experience some allergy attacks, there is a nearby allergy clinic that always got your back. The fact is keeping yourself focused on being productive is hard when allergies hit you. It distracts you from your thoughts, ideas, and plans. In fact, whether you are indoors or outdoors, you will still get allergy attacks. Which means no matter how you avoid it, it won’t be practical, especially if your job setting is literally “outside”. You just need to take some precautionary measures in order to prevent those allergies from bugging you while doing your job.

Ways To Prevent Allergies When Working Outdoors

This digital age, you are allowed or sometimes asked by your boss to bring home with you some workload and finish them overnight or over the weekend. It’s fun because you get to leave work early (sometimes) or you are even told not to report to work (physically) until you get those reports and research done. This opportunity used to be “rare”, but not anymore. With your laptop, you can basically work anytime and anywhere you wanted. The experience of taking your work wherever you go is like hitting two birds with one stone: you get to enjoy the moment while staying productive until your work is done.

  • Plan well before going out.

Working at the beach and spending the moment with mother nature is one of the best perks of working from home. You can actually work anywhere, but the sound of the waves and freshness of air at the beach gives the body a lot of health benefits. Even those with asthma and seasonal allergies are being advised to spend the time to relax by the beach and inhale fresh air and get exposed to the non-toxic environment. However, it is still wise to plan first before taking your work on an outdoor trip. Like starting your allergy medications early before your planned “take out work”, especially if you have seasonal allergies. Also, just always keep your medications with you handy.

  • Close your windows at home.

Make it a habit to keep your home sealed from any possible dust or pollen by keeping your windows closed every time you leave. This will lessen the chances of allergens to lure into your home and attack you when it got the chance.

  • Keep yourself clean.

Whenever you come home from being exposed outside, wash your hair and take a great shower to wash off all the allergens. They can easily stick into you and may trigger your allergies.

  • Wash your pets too.

If you’re a pet parent and you take your dog or cat with you every time you head out of the house, just like you, bathe them when you get home.  Pollens and other airborne allergens can easily get trapped in their hair. Washing them will eliminate those allergens from roaming around your home.

  • Wear a face mask.

Having a face mask or dust mask handy is also one way of protecting you from allergic reactions to dust and pollens. If you have allergic rhinitis or hay fever, then wearing this will prevent you from inhaling possible allergens. Especially if you are walking in the city towards that coffee shop where you plan to finish your work being exposed to all kinds of dust and smoke will trigger your allergies too. So just wear them every time you’re heading out, I’m sure you will find them cute and stylish too.

  • Over-the-counter allergy medications.

The most common allergy maintenance is the antihistamines which are very easy to purchase. They come in various forms like tablets, pills, inhalers, nasal sprays, and eye drops. You just have to be aware that there are two types also the sedating ones which will make you drowsy and should not be taken when you are working or you need to be alert, and the non-sedating which is safe to use during your active hours.

  • Wash clothes too.

If you keep yourself clean after being exposed outdoors, you should also send your clothes to be washed to limit the chances of allergens to scatter around the house.

So, you can always head out of your house to get that inspiration and motivation you are looking for to finish your work. The best allergist can always back you up in case you need medical assistance about your allergies, especially if you are new to having allergies. For as long as you know how to protect yourself there is no way that can stop you from exposing yourself to the world. The work-life balance needs to be enjoyed and shouldn’t be kept within the four walls of your office or home.

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