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Offering Brazilian blowout treatment at your salon

We could have the solution for you if your customers are tired of their wavy hair and are begging you to hunt for a fix: a Brazilian blowout! With this unique approach, you’ll not only please your customers but also make more money. Brazilian blowouts are now in style. As a result, a Brazilian blowout salon can become popular really quickly.

Brazilian blowouts may be tailored to the preferences of your clients. Therefore, your clients have the option of getting sleeker, smoother hair or keeping their curls without frizz. A protein coat layer is applied to the hair shaft during a Brazilian blowout to make your hair lustrous, frizz-free, and smooth.

Advantages of Brazilian blowouts in salons

Here are all the justifications for why you, as just a stylist, ought to be giving your clientele Brazilian blowouts.

It’s a specially designed method

Brazilian blowouts are entirely individualized, as we already indicated. This implies that customers who desire straight hair can obtain sleeker-looking hair. The same is true for people who enjoy their natural curls; they may maintain them while getting rid of the frizz. The Brazilian hairstyle is a method based on proteins rather than keratin, which is how it differs from a keratin treatment. An amino acid-based protein called keratin makes up the hair.

The Brazilian blow is more flexible and can thus be adjusted since it is based on the amino acids that make up keratin, which is the protein’s building blocks. In addition, it’s being done by all the other salons and stylists. As a result, you’re competing with the Brazilian blowouts, and one way is to start doing it yourself.

Comparatively less costly than keratin treatments

Brazilian hair extensions cost cheaper than keratin treatments. Their price per application is cheaper. The needed quantity of Brazilian blowout solution is also lower than the required quantity of keratin solution. All of these factors lower the price of Brazilian blowout. Brazilian blowouts may be performed far more frequently per bottle by a hairdresser than keratin treatments can. You can save a ton of money this way!

In contrast to keratin treatments, your customers can immediately wash and style their hair following a Brazilian blowout or keratin treatment. As a result, you also do not need to be concerned about any redos. The fact that the treatment will only take you about 1 hour 30 minutes to finish is an added bonus. Thus, doing this therapy for your clients for just 90 minutes will result in a sizable income for you. An average Brazilian blowout lasts for 12 weeks.

Events for free education to learn everything about the Brazilian explosion

To make sure you are completely knowledgeable about a Brazilian blow and are able to effectively do it on your customers, you may attend free educational sessions. You will learn both the skill of providing the therapy and how to market it to your customers at these free educational sessions. Everything from the items to how to address your clients’ issues will be taught to you. This is to make sure you don’t omit any steps or use the product on your customer wrongly, which would disappoint them. The best thing is that these events for free education also give away free goods and discounts that you might not discover elsewhere. Who doesn’t enjoy free goods?


Brazilian blowouts are the newest style and the best way to obtain hair that is frizz-free, smooth, and shiny. They are less costly than keratin treatments, and as a stylist, you also get to go to free educational events where free goods and step-by-step instructions are provided! As a result, you might want to start offering it at your Brazilian keratin straightening Rockville salon.