Chinese hair extensions

Know the types of human hair extensions

Over the years, human hair extensions have gained constant popularity throughout the world. People from all over the world use them for their personal needs and styles. Apart from this, there are different situations in which you may need these extensions. These may be used simply for style or as a remedy for problems like baldness. There are different type of hair extensions which are used all over the world. At present, these are widely available over the internet through online marketing, and you can avail the desired variety when you go to the online portals.

Types of human hair extensions

When you visit the portals, you will find three types of hair extensions. These are:

  • European hair extensions
  • Chinese hair extensions
  • Indian hair extensions

European hair extensions:

When it comes to style, the European nations lead from the front. The innovation and style go hand in hand. Therefore, you will find almost all sorts of hair extensions in this category. From locks to spikes and from blond hair to curly hair, all the different types of hairstyles are available in the form of false hair. However, the price of these extensions is quite high. They are beyond the budget of the common people and are mostly used for special purposes. The celebrities generally use this type of hair extensions.

Chinese hair extensions:

These are not as expensive as the European ones. The low price is one of the main reasons for its popularity too. It is for this reason that they are widely used by the people. A special treatment is done to the hair for this purpose. At the outset, the hair is treated with different types of chemicals. This makes them touch and thick, the look of the hair is coarse, and this is the basis of all types of Chinese hair extensions. After that, it is coated with a layer of silicon in order to make shine. You can retain the style until a few washes and then it fades off. The process is used for retaining the style on temporary basis.

Indian hair extensions:

This is the best type of hair extension when it comes to the affordability and looks. The process of treatment is natural. After all, your hair is enriched with both gloss and shine. Apart from this, the hair also has the fine smoothness that makes it equable to the European hair extensions. This is one of the key reasons for its extensive use and popularity.