digestion and spicy food

What are the effects of spicy foods on stomach?

Excessive intake of spicy food is really quite bad for stomach s a result of which you might face a lot of symptoms like stomach inflammation, pains and others. This is the reason that you should not go beyond the normal or standard limit of consuming these foods.

If you are not at all habituated in taking spicy dishes, then you will not be able to digest the same properly as a result of which you might face innumerable stomach issues that are highly unwanted and even unbearable at times.

Few stomach symptoms faced after having excessive spicy dishes

  • The stomach might seem belching and full and unwanted gas troubles might be faced as a result of the same. This kind of stomach condition creates uneasiness and you cannot sleep comfortably especially if you take spicy food and stomach at night.
  • You stomach might get upset and you might face the trouble of loose motion. Excessive spicy or rich foods sometimes also create unbearable inflammation at the time of stool passage.
  • You might even face stomach pains and inflammation due to the presence of rich spices. There are some spices that do not get digested easily and this is the reason several stomach troubles are being created. Stomach pains can be quite at times and that can be treated only by means of medication.
  • Regular consumption of spicy dishes can even damage your stomach to a great extent and this particular practice needs to be avoided.

Tips of protecting stomach from spicy dishes

There are few commonest tips that are being recommended by health experts and these tips usually help you to protect your stomach from the adverse impacts of spices.

  • There are some digestion medicines that are really quite effective and can cater you instant relief from stomach inflammation and stomach pains. But you must take only those medicines that are being prescribed by certified doctors. These medicines can be easily available in different online chemist stores.
  • Stomach discomforts can be easily neutralized by means of having dairy products like cold milk, ice cream and other related ones. These dairy products can be easily available at home these days and thus you can use them instantly.
  • The amount of spicy dishes need to be regulated very well so that pathetic stomach conditions can be easily avoided. In this case, expert suggestions need to be followed.