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How To Divorce With No Money

Getting a divorce can be an expensive ordeal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get one if you don’t have the finances for affording a divorce attorney. Here are some tips to help you make the most with what little you have.

Sort Out Matters Between Yourselves

The most ideal scenario when it comes to a divorce would be if the parties never make it to court and resolve everything by themselves. The more people you get involved in your case; the bigger the bill will be. You will have to cover the expenses for any mediators you hire, or expert witnesses you call to court to testify on your behalf.

Try to Keep the Divorce Proceedings as Short as Possible

Court sessions cost money, and the more of them you have, the higher will be your final bill. The smart thing to do is to wrap up your case as soon as possible so as not to incur excess charges.

Seek Help from Paralegals or Other Staff Rather Than A Lawyer

While the paralegal and staff may be restricted from giving you legal advice, they can help you draft your documents to be presented in court, and all of that for a much less cost or even for free than if you asked a lawyer to do the same thing.

If You Hire an Attorney, Use Them as Little as Possible

A lot of times, people treat their divorce attorneys as a sympathetic ear, calling them up to complain about their spouse’s behavior for hours on end. What they don’t realize is that this counts as legal consultation and will be charged by the hour. Only call your lawyer when necessary.

Get Legal Consultation Rather Than Legal Representation

Usually when you hire an attorney, they will both represent your best interests in court as well as provide legal consultation outside of court. Court representation is where a significant portion of your legal fee will come from, so if you are confident that you can represent yourself, do it to save money.

Don’t Use Your Lawyer for Things You Can Do Yourself

You don’t need to get a lawyer to file divorce papers on your behalf. All it takes is a visit to the clerk’s office, obtaining the right documents, filling them out and filing them. Surely you can do this by yourself? You may even get the assistance of the court staff to help you fill out the right forms, absolutely free of cost.

Get Reimbursement for Legal Fees from Your Ex

If there is a significant income gap between you and your spouse, the court may direct them to cover your legal fees, as well as other charges that you may have incurred in the name of “need based expenses”.

Finance Your Divorce

While this may not work for everyone, those going into divorce should know that financing options are available. If you are absolutely sure that you will come out of the divorce with significant assets in your name, this might ride you over for the time being.

File for Fee Waiver

Every state offers a divorce fee waiver privilege for indigents that you can file after the case is over. The process is lengthy and hard, and you will need to prove you really have no means of paying your legal fees. But it is still worth a shot if you really are in a bad situation financially.

Ask for A Reduced Fee

Do not hesitate to ask your divorce lawyer if they would be willing to work for a reduced per hour charge considering your situation. Many lawyers are willing to offer some kind of relief if the client’s financial position isn’t that strong. Some would even take on the case pro bono if they find it compelling.

The above is ample proof that, provided you tread smartly, your divorce does not really have to be expensive especially if you hire a cheap divorce lawyer Fairfax VA. Everyone can get divorce no matter their financial situation and social status. So, if the reason you are still stuck in a toxic marriage is because you believe you cannot afford to get out of it, think again. If there’s nothing left in the marriage, you can divorce with no money.

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