do-it-yourself project

Create magnificent interiors with the trim work and crown molding

Decorative crown molding is sure to add that level of charm and elegance to the rooms and the home interiors. With the crown work, even the simplest room can get transformed into a tasteful space. Besides, the available choices when it comes to the decorative styles make the options limitless. The homeowner may easily transform his small parlour into a Victorian style home having the warmth and a rich library. To highlight and feature the different areas of the home, you can use the appealing crown moldings.

Trim work to design the interiors

Use the crown molding pieces which are complementary to the trim work around the firework. This way, you can pull the design seamlessly. Simply paint and stain the fireplace crown to match up with the trim of the room or the interior. You should at least make an attempt to match up the trim types. Use the dark stained wood upon the ceilings, for instance, in case the doors and windows are trimmed in the dark stained woods. You cannot simply use a white plastic for the purpose. Try to be consistent with the design element. If the molding of the crown is not matching the room’s trim, it is best to redo it.

How to do the crown molding installation work?

The great molding installations are always carried out by the professionals. However, there are some who champion the task themselves and believe in the do-it-yourself project. For those who cannot handle the task of complicated corner cutting, they can directly avail the corner blocks and corner moldings. It is for the difficult corner cuts. If you are planning to extend the new wooden crown up to the ceilings, and wish to avoid the common plaster, make sure that you do not end up darkening the room. Make use of the light and airy wooden stains instead of the darker ones to avoid creating a gloomy and depressing room. The decorative molding is sure to add immense charm and vitality to the room. It can transform a simple room to a room of warmth and immense character.

If you are looking to add some enjoyment to the home, choose the trim work and get molding done. Crown mold is in fact the sculpted trim molding that is applied to the walls where it meets the ceilings. Use the decorative molding to restore your home. It is the lowest cost investment which is sure to yield high returns.

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