free bail

How to post a bond without a bail bond agency?

A person after landing in jail often thinks of getting out as quickly as possible. The best way is to post bail. The bail amount is decided by a judge. Many would like to get out of the jail right away, but jails have typical procedures that specify the bail amount depending on the crime. A suspect can get out of the jail after paying a set price in the police station.

If a person wants to post the bail, but cannot afford the amount, then he/ she can request the judge to lower it. Based on the state’s rules, the amount can be lowered in a special bail hearing or when an individual arrives for an arraignment.

According to the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the bail amount should be reasonable. The amount should not be used to raise money for the government or to punish someone who is still a suspect. The function of the bail is to keep the defendant out of prison until proven guilty. But there are many judges who keep the amount higher to keep a person, who is possibly seen as a threat to the community, in jail until the case is over.


Bail can either be paid in cash or property worth the amount of the bail, a bond that gives an assurance of the payment or a waiver of the payment on the condition that the suspect will appear before the court when required.

A bond that costs only 10% of the bail amount might seem lucrative compared to posting the full amount or buying a bond for a longer period. If the amount is paid in full, it will be refunded once the case is over. Whereas a bondsman’s fee is non-refundable. Also, the bondsman will require collateral, such as declaring your assets, etc.


A person can get out jail free by signing a form that states that he/ she will show up in the court when necessary. The factors that can get a defendant O.R. are:

  • The defendant should have family members living in the community.
  • The defendant should be residing in the community for years.
  • The defendant should have a job.
  • The defendant does not have any criminal record.

The above-mentioned points can help an individual post bail without seeking the help of a bail bond agency.