Frozen shoulder

Shoulder Pain – Two Most Common Scenarios To Deal With

Shoulder pain can happen due to different conditions. The common scenario is restricting the limb and arm movement when such pain occurs. This happens when pain struck at the shoulder joint and the surrounding area. Remember, shoulder is one of the joint regions in body that’s more probe to injuries than any other joints due to the widest range of movements it goes through regularly.

Avoiding shoulder injury

To avoid injury, it is necessary to stay physically fit through different exercises. Stay hydrated all the time to avoid cramp. Do stretching properly to ensure proper blood circulation to the joint areas. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet on a regular basis. In spite of these, if injury happens, you need to approach a shoulder doctor immediately for proper diagnosis of the problem and immediate cure solutions.

Shoulder pain problems

There are several reasons that can cause the pain and limit your shoulder joint movement. Each type of pain has its cause and cure solutions to deal with. Have a look.

Rotator cuff disorders

This is caused mainly as a result of general wear and tear with the passing of age. Also, activities that require repetitive or constant shoulder motion above the shoulder level, poor posture, trauma, and heavy weight lifting can result results in rotator cuff disorder. Untreated inflammation and injuries caused to the tendon can result in treating the rotator cuff muscle tissue, thus causing a great deal of pain. The pain can be felt at the outside or front part of the shoulder, mostly while raising the arm or lifting something above shoulder level. If pain persists, immediately visit a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment or else it may result in weakness to the shoulder muscles while restricting certain movements and causing continuous pain.

Frozen shoulder

This is a condition of progressive pain in the shoulder and causes a great amount of stiffness to the shoulder joint area. The pain increases during the after dark hours and can be felt deep in shoulder joint, causing severe discomfort. Also, inactivity can increase the pain. Although the exact condition that leads to causing of the pain remains a mystery, but it may lead to other types of shoulder injuries.

It can stiffen the connecting muscles with prolonged resting. Henceforth, it is necessary to loosen up the shoulder muscles through some active movement without giving too much strain. It has been noticed that those who suffer from diabetes and thyroid problems have higher chance of developing such a critical condition. Consult a reputed shoulder doctor in McLean and then with proper treatment, it can be cured over a period of 12-24 months.

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