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Proper usage and care tips for garbage disposal units


Garbage disposal units are extremely helpful. They are designed to get rid of unwanted leftovers, discarded peels, and other types of expired foods. However, we end up taking these units for granted as a result of which we keep pouring in everything. Consequently, the units end up getting clogged. Ultimately, they just stop working. This is when we feel the need to a commercial garbage disposal repair shop at our place. However, it is important to note that this situation would never if your properly take care of the garbage disposal unit.

While garbage disposal units are pretty good at disposing off the unwanted food leftovers, it is important to remember that they are not dustbins. So, you cannot throw in literally everything that you find and expect that it will not get clogged.

Safe usage and maintenance of garbage disposal units

When it comes to the proper functioning of garbage disposal units, it is important to remember that there are some safety tips! In this article, we discuss the tips for safe usage and maintenance of garbage disposal units. These include:

Run the disposal everyday

Make sure that you are running the garbage disposal unit daily. Otherwise, the parts can freeze up or start to corrode. Furthermore, sometimes, the leftover food inside gets dried up and hardens. This often results in clogs, odors, and fugus inside the disposal. These clogs can also lead to the buildup of harmful bacteria.

So, even if there is nothing to dispose, make sure that you are running the unit at least a few times a day with water regularly. This is like exercising to keep the body in shape! So, consider it as exercise for your garbage disposal unit.

Do not use hot water

A lot of people have the misconception that hot water is good for garbage disposal units. While it is true for other things, it does not apply in this case. When you use hot water, the food inside the disposal unit can get melted up. As a result of this, the food will end up clinging to the sides of the disposal unit.

At the same time, cold water tends to harden up the food which makes it easier to be grinded by the disposal unit. It then goes into the drains. So, let the garbage disposal unit do its job properly and avoid throwing hot water inside it.

Cut waste into smaller pieces

Before throwing any waste food inside, try to cut it all into smaller pieces so that the blades do not get damaged. Do remember that the blades of a garbage disposal units can only provide limited power. So, you do not have to expect miracles like grinding bones and huge meat chunks. This is something that your garbage disposal unit cannot do. So, cut the waste food into smaller pieces for easy disposal.

Grind citrus fruits inside

Full of vitamin C, citrus fruits are not just great for the body but also for your garbage disposal unit. once in a while, toss an orange or a lemon inside. The peel of citrus fruits is a great way to clean the insides of the disposal unit. At the same time, it will also eliminate unpleasant odors from inside the unit. Hence, they are a great refresher for the garbage disposal units.

Ending note

In case you do not want your garbage disposal unit to run into unwanted troubles, make sure that you are following all the above-mentioned tips. Still, if you run into problems, call a commercial appliances repair Springfield company right away! Delaying will only make things worse and the clogged food inside your disposal unit will become hard.

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Commercial Garbage Disposal Repair Professional: Garbage Disposal Dos And Don’ts

For you to have an easy life, you should take good care of your garbage disposal unit. You should work hard at preventing garbage disposal problems from coming about.

According to commercial garbage disposal repair professionals, one of the most effective ways of preventing the problems from coming about is doing the right things and avoiding the things that would put your garbage disposal at risk.

Garbage disposal do’s

  • Before you start the appliance, turn on a medium to a strong cold flow of water. You should let the cold water continue running for at least 15 seconds. The purpose of doing this is to flush the drain line and get rid of any food particles that might still be there.
  • Watch how you put the food in the garbage disposal. Some people have the impression that they should simply push the food into the unit and the machine will do its work. Don’t do this. For the unit to comfortably digest the food, you need to put small pieces of it at a time.
  • When you put a lot of it at once, you put the appliance at the risk of clogging up. The food also won’t be digested as effectively as you would want it to be.
  • Keep your garbage disposal clean all the time. This calls for you to clean it at least once every week. One of the ways of keeping it clean is putting small amounts of ice into the unit and cleaning the insides of it.
  • When cleaning the unit this way, be cautious. Always ensure that the drain stopper is in place all the time. This is to prevent ice particles from flying all over.
  • It’s common for the appliance to have unpleasant odors. The cool thing is that you can prevent them from coming about. One of the most effective ways of making it possible is using a disposal cleaner or de-greaser that will eliminate the grease that is usually the main cause of the odors.
  • Many people use any product that they come across which results to them not getting the results they are looking for. For you to be on the safe side, only use products that have been authorized by the garbage disposal manufacturer.
  • From time to time, grind up peels from citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. By doing this you keep the grinding area smelling fresh. The natural acidity from the fruits suppresses the growth of bacteria that are known to cause odors.
  • As a preventative measure, have your kitchen drain line snaked every two years. You should note that the garbage disposal is as good as the drain line serving it; therefore, when the drain line is clean and in good condition, the garbage disposal will also be functioning properly.

Garbage disposal don’ts

Just as there are some things that you should do to your unit and keep it in great shape, there are equally a number of things you shouldn’t do. Some of the things you shouldn’t do include:

  • Don’t use hot water when grinding food. While it might seem practical using hot water, the water usually melts the grease in the unit putting it at the risk of clogging. Always use cold water.
  • Don’t put non-food items in the unit. The unit is designed to take only food items; therefore, no non-food items should find their way into the unit. As rule of thumb, never put grease, fat or any other items of that kind down the garbage disposal.

This is because they will cause the drain line to clog requiring you to hire a repair professional to unclog it for you.

When the garbage disposal develops problems

Even with the best care, it’s common for the garbage disposal to develop problems. One of the most common problems is constant clogging up of the garbage disposal. When people experience this problem, they rush to call commercial appliances repair Northern VA professionals.

While there is nothing wrong with calling the professionals, in most cases the problem is minor and you can fix it on your own without hiring an expensive contractor.

Before you phone the professional, try resetting the garbage disposal. It’s only after you have failed to fix the unit that you should call the repair expert.

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