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Laminate Vs Wood Countertops

Wood and laminate countertops are two of the most commonly used materials for kitchens. Today, we will be comparing the two and we will see which one is better to make your countertop replacement decision easier. Keep on reading to find out more.

Wooden Countertops

The very famous and popular countertop material among a lot of people, wooden or hardwood countertops, have a classic look to them. They look rustic yet modern at the same time.

Colors And Designs

Their natural appearance and cozy feel makes people opt for wood a lot more often. Wood is available in a number of designs and varieties. There are matte finishes, different wood patterns, different finishes on the surface of the wood, etc.

Natural And Engineered Options

Wood can be natural or it can be man-made. Man-made wood is known as engineered hardwood. These countertop materials are designed to last longer and are stronger and durable than conventional hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is resistant to moisture, wetness, temperature, strong impacts, etc., which makes this type of wood even more likable and popular among people, because they are getting the look and feel of wood with the added strength and durability as well.

Conventional wood, on the other hand, is not as strong and durable. It needs a lot of maintenance, it needs to be kept dry and it should never come in contact with moisture, otherwise, it will form a lot of molds and fungus, which will not only look unpleasant, but it will also make the wood more weak and liable to severe damage. This is why people who have hardwood or butcher block countertops have to maintain them a lot to keep their shape and condition intact.


Wood is also a very expensive material for countertops. A foot of wooden plank ranges from $18 to $80, depending on the quality and thickness of wood you are choosing. Price of wood is also a huge factor why most people can’t afford it.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are a great choice of material for your kitchen, if you want something which is budget friendly. Laminate countertops are usually made out of ply and other variants of wood. The layers are stacked on top of each other and stuck together with a strong industrial grade adhesive.


Laminate countertops look very much like conventional wooden countertops, which makes this material very much sought after. Because think about it, if you can get the same appearance of wooden countertops, without having to spend a lot of money, then why wouldn’t you go for laminate countertops.

Colors And Designs

Laminate countertops are man-made materials, so they are available in a huge variety of colors and patterns. You can think of any color and design of a countertop, and most likely, laminate countertops will be available in that design scheme.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Talking about cleaning of laminate countertops, it is very easy to clean. It doesn’t require a lot of care and it is also quite resistant to scratches, impact and moisture. You just need to seal it once it has been installed, then you can go on for a year or two.

To clean laminate countertops, you only need a wet washcloth and a mixture of soap and water. Clean all of the countertops within no time at all. Because laminate countertops are non-porous, they will not collect or let any water or moisture seep into the material. This makes laminated material to be a very easy and breezy material to use.


The price of laminate countertops is also very affordable. It ranges from $2 to $8 a foot and its installation is all over easy. You just need the correct dimensions for the countertops, to make sure that the laminated material fits perfectly.

Their repair is a bit tricky, but nothing a specialist can’t handle. If the damage is too much, then the material can be replaced altogether. Laminate material can mimic a lot of different countertop designs as well, like tile, ceramic, wood and porcelain. That is a win-win situation for you


There you have it! Now you know all of the different things about wood and laminate countertops. Go to a granite company NC to learn more about different kitchen countertop materials.

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Tips On How To Tell Real From Fake Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are one of the most popular countertop materials in the market that you can go for. Due to their fame, there are plenty of people that make fake countertops and try to sell them as real. As you might guess, if you install the fake materials, you get poor results. For you to have a great looking surface, you need to install the real pieces.

This calls for you to be cautious of the ones that you install. The cool thing is that there are plenty of ways in which you can tell real from fake countertops. Some of these ways include:

Tapping the countertops

You can tell the nature of the countertops by simply tapping on them. You only need to lightly tap on the countertops with a metal or small hammer. If the stone is made from real, natural granite, it should produce a ringing sound when you tap it.

If the countertop makes a dull click, it’s most likely made from engineered composite materials.

When you are tapping on the materials, you should note that it might take you time to get used to the sound; therefore, you need to take your time to get used to it.

Color and pattern

Good quality granite has an even color. While the material should have an even color, you should be cautious of the one material with color and pattern that is the same throughout. Natural stone has imperfections; therefore, when your material is too perfect, chances are that it’s imperfect.

On the other hand, when you come across material with a color that appears the same throughout the surface or the pattern repeats itself, it’s most likely manmade.

You should note that granite appears in many colors, but gray and brown are the predominant ones. If you come across colors that are too bright or unusual, bold or repeating patterns, it’s a sign that the granite is fake.

Natural, good quality granite has veins, colors, and texture on the surface of the slab. If yours doesn’t have this, it’s most likely fake, and you should stay away from it.

Porous nature

Although, granite is hard and durable, it absorbs a lot of water. The more the water the material absorbs, the darker it gets. When you are making the purchase, you should pour some water on the surface. Unless the material is sealed too well, chances are that water will get in.

If you come across a material that doesn’t allow water to get in, chances are that it’s fake or sealed. For you to be sure, ask a professional to give it a look.

Fake granite is an engineered composite that is completely nonporous. The material is made from resins and stone chips that don’t absorb water. This means that when you pour water on it, the surface won’t darken.

Pay attention to the seams

The seams of the countertop materials can tell you a lot about them. If the granite is fake, there won’t be any shift in the pattern at the seams. In fact, in manufactured pieces, there won’t be a seam at all.

If the countertops are real, you should see a change in pattern.

Pay attention to the prices

The final thing you need to consider is the price of the countertops. The prices of the pieces range from $50 for the remnants up to $2500 per square foot for the rarest ones. If you come across granite kitchen countertops Durham NC that are too cheap, you have a reason to worry as they might be fake.

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Finding the best kitchen granite contractor in the area

Finding the right kitchen granite contractor for the kitchen remodeling project is as important as finding the right set of materials. Whoever you choose will be managing the entire project from the start till the end. When you are absent from the site, it is the contractor who will make decisions on your behalf. Choose someone who is reliable and trustworthy. Picking the perfect individual or the business for the purpose is a must.

Confirming credentials of the granite company is crucial

It is vital to do the preliminary researches on the contractors whose name you get. One can call up the business phone number or visit the company’s website. Try and find whether the company holds licenses or not. There must be apt certifications acquired from the professional associations. The National Association of Remodeling Industry offers certifications. Consider the workers who have invested in the courses or have passed the relevant tests to earn fame and name.

Seeing recommendations

Anyone who has taken up the kitchen project can offer suitable names for granite contractor. Referrals are the direct way of gaining access to the best contractor. Ask friends, neighbors, family members who have had great experiences in the past. It is important to enquire about the workmanship whether the company finished the task in the timely manner or not.

Meeting the potential candidates and judging the credentials

When you have the list of contractors for granite countertop VA, cut down the list and restrict your visit to only a few contractors. The number of contractors whom you plan to interview must be fewer. The way the contractor answers your question is important. During interviews communication always moves a long way and so have a look at the way the contractor talks.

The task of follow-up

When you hire the contractor, check out the previous works done by the contractor. See the way the related projects have been pursued. If you think that the job is done well, request endorsements and call up the previous clients to confirm about the work. When you are hiring a professional, you are buying a service and not the finished good.

Following proper procedures can pave the way for beautiful kitchens. It is the quality of service that dictates the kind of finished goods you get. Finding a trustworthy kitchen granite contractor for granite countertop VA can simplify and make smooth the process of installation. No matter what is the size of kitchen, a great contractor will accomplish things in a timely manner.

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