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You Guide On How To Choose Laminate Countertops

Let’s start your guide on how to choose laminate countertops by granite countertop contractors.

Choosing best Laminate Countertops

  1. Design and Installation

It is always good to take advice from quartz countertop contractors whenever you are deciding the design for your laminate countertops. As their expertise always help you to choose the best option which goes well with your theme and home décor. Also, different kinds of designs require different types of installation where professional expertise is mandatory so it is always recommended to take professional help from the very beginning of process.

  1. Thickness

Generally, it ranges from an inch and a quarter to an inch and half but it may vary as per your choice. You can easily ask a granite installer as well about the optimum thickness you will need at your home considering your lifestyle, priorities and the home décor. Many people like even thicker countertops but you should be aware of its installation process then which requires more support than usual. Also, the chances of sooner breakage may also be there so it is good to take a professional help in this regard instead of choosing it yourself.

  1. Variety of Options for Edges

You will not be surprised to see the variety of options available for edges of countertops which is one of the great plus for laminated materials. Most of the quartz countertop contractors would let you choose any as per your choice due to the flexibility of choosing this option. For instance, you can go for straight option if you like simple designs or you may go for beveled, bullnose or any customized design that you would imagine for a perfect look at your home.

  1. Thematic

Of course when you are planning for laminated countertops for your home, you would like something that goes well with your theme of décor covering all your house. You can also get it done from granite installers who are proficient enough to guide you towards the best thematic that would look great with your overall house décor.

Remember that it also depends on what kind of family you have, for instance if your kids are young like in their early teens then you can select some bright colors. And if you have adult kids or you have older people at home then you can select some decent and firm colors. Same goes for the type of furniture used in your house and so on. So for all these things, it is always recommended to seek a professional help to give a best result in the end.

  1. Color and Finishes

Though you may choose colors as per your family type as mentioned above but you have to consider several other factors as well. It is because if your kids are too young or people are bit careless then it is always good to go for light colors where any dust or mess is not that visible which could be in case of dark colors. Also, you need to select a finish which does not make scratches prominent or absorb them at its best. For this thing, quartz countertop contractors can help you choose the best finish which is scratchproof and prevent scorching.

  1. Maintenance and Cleaning

Well this part is bit crucial because you should know that only installation is not going to make your home look great while it is the cleaning and its maintenance actually. It is not that difficult since it is very simple in case of laminated materials where you only need a mildly warm water and a cloth piece to clean the surface.

You can also add mild household cleaners to add in the warm water to get the better results. But make sure not to apply any acid or harsh material on the surface which can result in deterioration and affect durability. In fact, many granite installers rockville md recommend to just add some baking soda into mild household cleaners to remove the stubborn stains like coffee, tea or turmeric stains which are easily washable with this solution.

You can also use a stiff nylon bristle brush for scrubbing the stains but make sure not to rub that too harshly. Also, if you keep it well maintained then it adds a plus point in the resale value of your home whenever you wish for that.

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