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What You Need To Know About The Synthetic and The Human Hair Extensions

We all have our personal reasons behind every change we do to our self. From our body up to our hair, every detail becomes a representation of who we really are. Most of the time, when we change something about our hair others would eventually conclude that we’re about to welcome a major change in our lives. It’s either a positive change or a negative change. Like when it comes to hair extensions, the human hair extensions is a change that is very much welcomed by the fashion industry.

Ever wonder why women use hair extensions?

Basically, hair extensions are commonly used to add more volume to your hair or to make it look longer and even add color to your natural hair. This hair accessory is very much used and favored by women who are involved in beauty pageants, fashion shows, and other special events. Actually, if you just wanted to look extra pretty and make a change in your look, then hair extensions are also your best option.  More so, those who accidentally had their hair cut really short or had made a mistake in applying a hair color in order to fix the problem, their solution is to use human or synthetic hair extensions.

Human Hair extensions versus Synthetic hair extensions

So what is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair extensions?

Human Hair Extensions

From the root word human, this type of hair extension is made from 100% human hair. Hairstylist and experts usually collect hair from a salon and make it fresh looking hair extensions for customers who needed it. Making human hair extensions is a difficult job because it requires mastery of hair knotting and because the hair is very hard to manage, collecting it presents the same level of challenge too.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Others may refer to this as artificial hair extensions, this type of hair extensions are made from fiber and plastic and has other chemical content to make it look glossy and shiny.

Texture: In terms of texture, you can easily identify the difference between human and synthetic hair extensions. Human hair is softer and tender once you comb it with your bare hands. According to a study synthetic hair extension is rough in texture compared to human hair because of the chemicals that were used to create each strand.

Coloring options: if you wanted to change the color of your hair from time to time it is recommended that you to use human hair extension because synthetic hair extensions cannot be dyed. According to a study since it was made out of fiber, any coloring chemical won’t have any effect on synthetic hair.

Pricing: Of course in terms of pricing, human hair extensions is much more expensive than the synthetic product because it was made from 100% human hair and the resources in making it is very limited. Here’s one fact: Britney Spears back in 2007 shaved her hair and sold it to a salon for $1 million dollars and believe it or not, someone bought it from that salon as well. Authentic hair is very common in any cosmetic shops, according to resources, you can actually purchase and own a synthetic hair for as low as $30 and of good quality.

Durability: According to a study, with proper hair maintenance, the human hair extension could last for a year, whereas with synthetic hair it is only good for 20 wears.

Styling: From local markets, you can actually purchase a Synthetic hair that is pre-styled and colored already. In terms of heat styling, it is not advisable for a synthetic extension to go through the hair iron tool because plastics get easily burnt. With human hair extension, you can purchase them as styled or just plain straight. They are flexible to change so you can always style them depending on the occasion.

While on point, human hair extensions are more advisable to use if you wanted a permanent change in your appearance. In terms of durability and usability is concerned, a human hair accessory is more efficient to use. And in addition to these, according to a study, salon owners or hair stylist prefer to use human hair extensions because of its capabilities to get styled once

Though there are many freelance hair stylists out there who uses synthetic hair extensions for pageant handling and since it was just for a short period of time, it’s necessary for them to recycle it and use it again when needed. Furthermore, for other hair extensions salon Rockville owners, they create synthetic hair extensions and started a synthetic hair rental business for pageant candidates or other purposes.

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Foods You Should feed Your Hair Daily

Woman’s crowning glory is their hair. They pretty much do anything that makes them confident and stands out. In this society where men and women are equally getting the same privilege, competition is real. Of course, women won’t let their guards down and will just let their hair do the talking. While most women make it a habit to visit hair salons for treatment and hair extensions, you, on the other hand, can just stay at home and effortlessly grow your hair naturally through the food that you eat every single day.

Your Hair Is On A Diet Too

In order to achieve a strong, long, and stunning shiny hair you should not only be paying attention to your scalp but more importantly to the food you eat. Everything that is happening to your hair all depends on your diet. See, each hair strand is composed of cells containing keratin, one of the toughest hair protein. They regularly need nourishment to make your hair healthy as it grows.

Try these Foods for your Do

  • Eggs are IN.

You will never go wrong with eggs. They will never let you down. No matter what your diet is for, eggs will always be present to supply the necessary protein that our body needs and it will do the same thing for your hair. And because you need protein for your hair, eggs are the best source of that vitamin and other minerals. Also, eggs are efficient if you are planning to lose weight. It has already proven to make miracles to those who are into an intensive diet plan.

  • For Iron, leafy green veggies and spinach is a must.

Aside from protein, your hair needs iron too. One reason for hair loss is lack of iron content in the body. This is because when the body loses oxygen, iron and other nutrients your roots and hair follicles lack its ability to grow and protect each strand from weakening.

  • Load Up Vitamin C.

Getting tons of Vitamin C in the body will not only make your immune system stronger but will make your hair healthier too! Including even just 1 citrus fruit in your diet every day is enough to fuel your body with the right amount of Vitamin C. So make oranges your BFF from now on.

  • Fuel up your Omega-3

Do you know that Omega-3 is not only good for the heart but is important for a thicker hair? You can get this from nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and seeds too. These tiny snacks may be small in size, but huge in benefits. So if you’re a nut lover, the more you will because now you know that your hair will benefit from it too.

  • Get glorious do with whole grains.

Oats and other whole grain compounds will provide you with zinc, iron, B vitamins and biotin. Biotin is one of the healthy compounds that will do wonders for your hair. It supports the production of amino acids for your hair growth.

  • Carrots for hair growth.

The hair has the fastest growing capability in the body and having enough supply of vitamin A will greatly support the cells in hair growth. It is also an important factor for the production of the scalps natural oils for healthy roots and glowing hair.

  • The Avocado magic.

Vitamin E is just one of the many vitamins that avocado can supply the body. It supports blood circulation and facilitates the growth of your hair by helping follicles to work well. Avocado can really be addicting, especially that there are tons of recipes available. You can always experiment on them every day together with your meal.


Hungry? Who won’t be, right? It’s okay to crave or make it a habit to regularly have these foods in your daily meal not just for your entire body but for your hair as well. So instead of worrying and stressing yourself on how to have glowing hair and visit your hair extensions salon Rockville. At least it will save you so much time and effort and of course, budget. So why not give your hair the chance to naturally grow beautifully and gracefully without the need of any harmful chemicals or procedures. Besides, natural is always beautiful. So just keep a healthy lifestyle for you and your hair.

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