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All information needed for persons thinking about NeoGraft hair transplants

If you are worried about your receding hair line, you are lucky, as the new technology known as NeoGraft hair transplants is the ray of hope for you. With the help of this technology one can transplant hair very easily and the transplanted hair invariably looks natural in many aspects. But it is better if you start early without waiting for the hairline to recede further or hair loss to become complete. NeoGraft is very popular as it holds the distinction of being the world’s first automated hair transplant procedure. No incisions are required in NeoGraft hair transplant procedures. Further this procedure has the special privilege of FDA approval. This method has the benefit that it is precise and perfect than any procedure performed by any human being.

NeoGraft explained

This procedure was in force for quite a few years by now. In this procedure follicles from the donor area are removed. Afterwards it is kept in a canister for setting for certain period of time during which they are treated and made them suitable for transplantation. After this, they are implanted in the appropriate areas. This is the method known as Follicular Unit extraction. NeoGraft is a procedure in which the same procedure is followed but with the help of an automated machine.  Now let us examine, what are the benefits of automated hair transplant procedures.

  • It takes lesser time. It can be completed within a few minutes which will be only the waiting time that you need to spend in a hospital.
  • Automated process is very perfect and precise than that is done manually. It eliminates all possible errors and makes the transplantation a great success.
  • FUE process does not involve any cutting of strips of scalp for separating follicles of hair.
  • The result of NeoGraft hair transplants is natural in appearance than that of any other methods.
  • Some people have some apprehensions about entrusting the entire work to machines. It is not correct. Machines are only used for assistance and they are under the control and supervision of specialized doctors.

Who is an ideal candidate for NeoGraft hair transplants?

  1. A candidate who has started noticing hair thinning or receding hair line is the best candidate for this surgery.
  2. It is suitable for somebody who has some hair left in the head which is needed for the surgeon for transplanting in the bald area.

I hope the information you got from this article is enough for you to take proper decisions in solving your hair loss problems.

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