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What is Japanese hair straightening?

Japanese hair straightening treatment is one of the most popular straightening methods for wavy and curly hair. It is one of the few treatments that can effectively create a very sleek and shiny look. However, regardless of that, there is some level of controversy that surrounds it. Unfortunately, Japanese hair treatments can actually damage your hair in case it is not done correctly. However, if you get it from a professional hair salon, then you do not really have to worry about anything. In that case, the results are going to blow your mind.

All about Japanese hair straightening

Referred to as thermal reconditioning also, Japanese hair straightening is a technique that began in the 2000s in the New York City. Because of amazing results, the treatment started to become incredibly. Ultimately, by the end of the decade, the treatment became so popular that it started in bigger cities all over the country.

What is the difference between Japanese straightening and Brazilian blowout?

Well, Japanese straightening and Brazilian blowout are both very popular hair treatments. However, the problem with Brazilian treatments was that when they started out, a big amount of formaldehyde was being used in them. After researchers figured out the carcinogenic nature of formaldehyde, its use got almost banned. From there, the Japanese treatment emerged, which does not make use of formaldehyde.

How does Japanese straightening treatment works?

Just like the flat perm, Japanese treatment also involves a solution that is applied to the hair. This solution is primarily responsible for breaking down the bonds in the hair, giving it a shape. As a result of this, the hair become pin-like straight after the application of a flat-iron.

First, the hair on the head get saturated with a solution, then they are rinsed. Ultimately, they get dried with blow-dryer followed by flat-ironing using ceramic iron. Ultimately, the hair stylist will apply a neutralizer on the hair. This is done to lock it all in its place. However, it is important to note that this entire process is quite time-intensive and labor-intensive. Furthermore, the actual time of the treatment will depend on the thickness and length of your hair. Still you can expect so spend several hours in the salon.

Will it damage your hair?

While Japanese straightening treatment does not involve use of formaldehyde and has better safety reputation in comparison to the Brazilian treatments, it may still cause some amount of damage to your hair. For instance, there are some reports according to which people have had a high amount of hair loss and damage after the treatment. This however, varies from person to person and also on the quality of the treatment.

For instance, if you have had other chemical treatments such as coloring done on your hair recently, there are a higher chances of hair damage post-treatment.

Is it a permanent treatment?

The Japanese hair treatment can be expected to last anywhere from 4 months to 8 months. Though, on average, it will last for 6 months until new hair are grown. This is quite long, considering other treatments. So, yes, we can say that they are a semi-permanent hair treatment.

Ending note

Nevertheless, we cannot stress enough on the importance of visiting a good Japanese hair straightening Rockville salon only. Otherwise, by getting a poor treatment, you will be at the risk of damaging your hair. Since this treatment is a sensitive one, you need an expert who has great experience. Else, you may not also get the results that you are expecting to achieve. So, make sure that you have done proper search before choosing a salon.

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What are the advantages of human hair extensions?

Human hair extensions are just wonderful and they cater a greater compliment to your original hair. Your dream of getting greater length and volume can be easily fulfilled with the usage of the same.

Why to choose extensions with human hairs?

Everybody wants to have real things and this is one of the popular reasons for choosing extensions with human hairs. There are some unique qualities of human hairs that are not found in any other hair forms and thus they are getting highest market exposure in the recent days. Other hairs are being artificially created with synthetic fibers but human hairs are fully original and natural in nature. Though these hairs have been processed and cleaned for proper usage but chemicals or synthetic solutions are being applied on these hairs.

This is the reason that your hair will look completely flawless and shining with desirable volume and length. If you are thinking about only cost not about the quality, then you should not choose this option as it is solely favorable for those fellows who think that quality is the main thing. Do not ebbed experiment with compromised quality extensions as that might damage your hairs a lot and some of these damages cannot be repaired at all. The making lustrous of human hairs is simply unbeatable and this is the reason you can now easily drag the views of the guests in every occasion or event without doing any special makeover.

Another advantage is that manufacturers can cater proper warranty on the usage and quality of human hairs but this warranty is not available in case of artificial ones. Customization is in greater demand these days and if you want to flaunt your beauty properly then you should depend on the customized hair styling of human hairs. These hairs can be taken care like real hairs and they are less exposed towards damages. You can now get amazing variations in these hairs as a result of which the best option can be chosen with ease.

How to maintain human hair extensions?

Follow the latest reviews and blogs on European hair extensions and then only you will come to know about the caring tips of human hairs. They can be easily washed with organic shampoos and conditioners. You can also use different kinds of effective hair-care solutions for maintaining the surface shine. Moreover, it is better to get a proper guidance from the manufacturer about the hair extensions.

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Some popular ways to have stylish hair

When it comes to the hair that attracts a thousand eyeballs, Brazilian Blowout is the ultimate secret. It has been used extensively since the late twentieth century. This process includes making your hair as straight as possible, removing all the curls that are present in the hair.

Know about hair straightening

There are three reasons for the extensive use of the method when it comes to hair styles. There are three main reasons for the popularity of the method. These are:

Sleekness: The sleek hair when you undergo the proper treatment. This process was widely used in the European and African countries in the mid-twentieth century, and now it has become popular all over the world.

Smoothness: The smoothness that your hair gains from the treatment remains unmatched. When you look out for stylish and smooth hair, this is the ultimate solution.

Streamlined hair: Your hair becomes stylish and streamlined when you use this method to treat your hair.

There aretwo types of straightening your hair. One is permanent, and the other is temporary.

  • In the permanent straightening of your hair, chemicals are used to modify the nature of your hair. Once they are modified, they cannot be brought back to their original form. Certain drugs are used which alter the nature of the hair follicles and make sure that the hair does not grow back to their original shape or form.
  • When it comes to the temporary straightening of your hair, certain tools or instruments are used to modify the looks of the hair for some time, and in course of time, they grow back to their original form. The more they are exposed to water, humidity and other element, the faster is the process of going back to the original form. One common method used in this process is the application of hair irons and combs. This temporarily changes the nature of the hair and ensures that you can enjoy the looks.

Hair straightening

Normally, hair-irons are used to heat up the hair bring the desired changes. If you have longer hair, you must take care to ensure that the hair is not distorted. In the case of shorter hair, plates are used to conduct the heat to the hair. A blow dryer can also be used to serve the purpose. You should be careful to protect your scalp from the heat. All these give you the perfect hair straightening benefits.

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Know the types of human hair extensions

Over the years, human hair extensions have gained constant popularity throughout the world. People from all over the world use them for their personal needs and styles. Apart from this, there are different situations in which you may need these extensions. These may be used simply for style or as a remedy for problems like baldness. There are different type of hair extensions which are used all over the world. At present, these are widely available over the internet through online marketing, and you can avail the desired variety when you go to the online portals.

Types of human hair extensions

When you visit the portals, you will find three types of hair extensions. These are:

  • European hair extensions
  • Chinese hair extensions
  • Indian hair extensions

European hair extensions:

When it comes to style, the European nations lead from the front. The innovation and style go hand in hand. Therefore, you will find almost all sorts of hair extensions in this category. From locks to spikes and from blond hair to curly hair, all the different types of hairstyles are available in the form of false hair. However, the price of these extensions is quite high. They are beyond the budget of the common people and are mostly used for special purposes. The celebrities generally use this type of hair extensions.

Chinese hair extensions:

These are not as expensive as the European ones. The low price is one of the main reasons for its popularity too. It is for this reason that they are widely used by the people. A special treatment is done to the hair for this purpose. At the outset, the hair is treated with different types of chemicals. This makes them touch and thick, the look of the hair is coarse, and this is the basis of all types of Chinese hair extensions. After that, it is coated with a layer of silicon in order to make shine. You can retain the style until a few washes and then it fades off. The process is used for retaining the style on temporary basis.

Indian hair extensions:

This is the best type of hair extension when it comes to the affordability and looks. The process of treatment is natural. After all, your hair is enriched with both gloss and shine. Apart from this, the hair also has the fine smoothness that makes it equable to the European hair extensions. This is one of the key reasons for its extensive use and popularity.


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