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Micro link Hair Extensions- A New and Inventive Way to Look Beautiful

While there are several types of hair extensions in market to confuse you, the micro link hair extensions are there to make you get the best result when you look for hair styling. This method is also popular in names, like micro bead hair extension and micro loop hair extensions.

Methods of Applying Micro Link Hair Extension

Before getting to any other process, you should know why micro link process is considered the best by the efficient hair specialists. Let’s have a look on the process-

  1. This hair extension method is applied to strand by strand of your hair by expert hairstylist.
  2. First, they slide your hair into loop and add hair extension strand. After that, they use clamps to attach those with your hair with pliers for the final look.
  3. Applying the new micro loop extensions are much easier than the conventional methods as here, the hair strands come with in-built metallic loops.
  4. Applying it is easier as you just need to pull your natural hair through the loop. Removing is also easy as the hair stylists use pliers to remove it.
  5. Usually, the whole process takes 2-4 hours to complete. Obviously, it depends on how much hair extension you are using and how fast your stylist is.

Is it recommended to apply by yourself?

No. It is better not to try yourself, because that can be messy. You can’t see how the hair styling going and it is also difficult to arrange the beads at same line to have uniformity. As a result, the beads can be unaligned and fall off and may cause tangles. Again, if those are not aligned properly, the metal beads will reveal while you move your hair. To avoid damage, there must be half an inch gap between your scalp and the beads. Still, if you afraid of revealing the beads, you can make a bun or braid to hide those. Without help of an expert stylish, all these will be really messed up.

Is Micro Link Extension Right for You?

  • There is no need of additional product or heat to attach the extension to your hair. So, risk of damage is less.
  • The bonds have long-life and installing process is simple.
  • Treating this extension like your own hair is possible. You can even dye as the bonds won’t wear out.
  • Though installing is time-consuming, you can get natural look as it blends well with your natural hair.

So, now you know about micro loop extension. You should also try hairdreams hair extensions to get the best look ever.

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