hair transplantation

Important aspects to be considered while choosing the surgeon for hair transplant surgery

Modern medicine has many procedures and hair transplantation techniques to regain the lost hair as a result of hereditary, genetics, accidents etc. Hair loss problems can be solved by using temporary methods like wigs or can be solved permanently by going for hair transplantation procedures. In hair transplant surgery your hair is removed from where it grows abundantly, usually from the back of your head, and is transplanted in the bald area of your head. A candidate for hair transplant surgery must be having plenty of hair on the other parts of the head, then only the process can be carried out successfully. The area from where hair is removed for hair transplantation is known as the donor area and the area where the hair is being transplanted is known as recipient area.

When you choose a surgeon for hair transplantation, make sure that he is an experienced and well qualified surgeon. This can be understood by studying the hospitals in which he has worked earlier and the medical colleges where he has studied. Only good surgeons will be capable of carrying out hair transplant surgery in such a way that your expectations are met and your problems due to loss of hair are solved. Make sure that the hair transplantation center where you are planning to undergo surgery for hair transplantation is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the operation theater is equipped with latest machinery and equipment.

For understanding these matters you can ask your friends and relatives about their opinion regarding the hospital you have selected for undergoing hair transplantation.  This inquiry will help you to find out a well experienced surgeon in doing hair transplant surgery in your locality. These surgeries are carried out in the office of the surgeon itself.  As the patients can go home on the same day itself, it is advisable to get the surgery carried out by a nearby doctor.

Another important option is to search the web for best surgeons for hair transplantation. In this search one will be able to hear the real success stories of hair transplant surgery by real people who have earlier undergone this surgery.  This facility will be available in the feedback of the websites of hospitals engaged in hair transplantation. After studying the feed backs you can fix the surgeon suitable for carrying out your surgery.

Cost of hair transplant surgery

Coat of hair transplant surgery is approximately ten thousand dollars.  This amount can vary based on the method used the hospital selected and the comforts and facilities the patient expects for undergoing the surgery. The cost is also dependent upon the degree of baldness of head of the candidate and the number of hair follicles that need to be transplanted in a particular case. In some cases, it may not be possible to exactly estimate the expenses. In such cases only an approximate amount can be understood initially and the final costs will be known only after the completion of the procedure.

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