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Can Pizza Be Healthier?

After your regular visit to a doctors weight clinic, you may have been advised to skip a couple of food which unfortunately includes pizza. So, does this mean that you have to say goodbye to your favorite comfort food? Of course not! Because now, you can always enjoy your favorite slice without any guilt since pizza nowadays has healthy options too.

Check Out Your Pizza Menu

Just because you are craving for pizza needn’t mean that you have to ditch your healthy checklist for a while. You can create your own preference and make it even healthier.

Here are 10 ways to give your favorite slice healthier twist.

  • Use Whole-Grain.

Using whole grain in your crust can add extra fiber and protein into every slice of your favorite flavored pizza. You can even create your own through quick and easy pizza recipes you can find online.

  • Say Cheese!

You can enjoy all the flavors with less calories by combining a low-fat Parmesan, sharp provolone, and part-skim mozzarella. It’ll surely be an enticing treat!

  • Hail The Veggies!

Pizza is not all sausages, bacon, pepperoni, and ham, you can also load it up with vegetables to give it a guilt-free indulgence.

  • Portions Matter.

Haven’t you noticed that pizza is one of the common snacks that people carelessly intake? So if you really wanted to keep it healthy, reconsider that third slice, okay?

  • Opt For The Guilt-Free Toppings.

Although pizza is all about cheese, you can always go for the healthy, hearty toppings like mushrooms, tomatoes, squash, and a lot more.

  • Go For Leaner Meats.

If you are a meat lover like many folks out there, you don’t have to totally swap it out. Instead of pepperoni and pork sausages as your choice before, opt for the thin slices of chicken sausage, salami, and turkey bacon. They are less fatty and more flavorful.

  • Pair It With Salad.

Rather than just eating pizza, pair it with a bowl of salad. It will also be easier for you to keep up with tip #4. Plus, salads does a great job in making you full even after a few servings.

  • Create Your Own Sauce.

The downside of some jarred pizza sauce is that they are loaded with sodium and other unhealthy preservatives. So why risk your health when you can just be creative and make your own pizza sauce by trying olive oil and fresh garlic with some spices or even pesto sauce.

  • Make It A Little Tangy.

Get rid of the old, greasy pizza and opt for a fresh and more spicy slice. Red pepper flakes, fresh chiles and other spices can balance the flavors of pizza herbs and fresh tomatoes.

  • Top It With Protein.

You will never feel like pigging out with seafood, lean steak, grilled chicken, and other healthy proteins on your pizza. In fact, they are the best choice to achieve a healthy, sumptuous meal.

If you are still searching for other healthy pizza combinations that are rich in flavors and guaranteed fresh, here are some hearty combos that you can try and let your family and friends fall in love with your new choice of pizza.

Some Pizza Healthy Combos

  • Chives and potato, thinly sliced.
  • Provolone cheese, mushroom, and roasted cauliflower.
  • Ricotta, spinach, and fresh tomato sauce.
  • Italian salami, thinly sliced, red onion, red pepper flakes, and Arugula Pesto.
  • Taco style: cheddar, refried beans, and salsa.
  • Ricotta, a white pie with fresh figs, and caramelized onions.
  • Fresh tomato, crumbled bacon, and broccoli.
  • Chicken sausage, zucchini, and fresh fennel.
  • Fresh kale and roasted squash.
  • Fresh mozzarella, basil, grilled chicken, and roasted red pepper.

If you are really a pizza lover, you can definitely find other alternatives in making your pizza extra hearty. You can always experiment with your favorite sauces, cheese, flavors, and toppings. Even your doctors weight loss center will definitely agree with your idea of reinventing your favorite pizza flavors. There are also other pizzerias who accepts and offers customized pizza dishes in favor of their customers who have some health issues and are sensitive to some spices and herbs. There are also pizza parlors who have healthy pizza flavors in their menu that can cater to those who are really vegetarian and health-conscious. So, if you wanted to start living healthy without casting out your favorite pizza, you now have a lot of healthy choices.

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