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When to go through hip replacement?

There was a time when you heard about hip replacement surgery rarely but now you will find many more such instances. What is the need of the surgeries? If you are having a hip pain, you must get through the given details of the surgery.

What is Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement is the last thing to heal the hip pain, where the physical hip bone has to be replaced with the help of an artificial hip. This is generally made of metal. Following is the reason for which the treatment should be considered:

  • Relief of pain
  • An increase in your limb mobility
  • Easy activities in the course of daily living
  • To find a better quality of life for yourself.

When to Go For Hip Replacement

Here are the details of the people who can go for hip replacement:

  • Often this hip replacement is done for those, who has broken or fractured the hip bone. In most of the cases, they are joined by general treatments and medications. However, in some of the cases, the fracture can be such that cannot be joined. You can go through the hip replacement then.
  • There was a concept among the doctors that hip replacement will reduce the activity of the people. This is why they were often done for the people, who are 60 years old and above. Now, after many researches, doctors found that they are very much effective to make patients active in their life. The injury can be resolved ideally, without much complication. So, they are suggesting patients with hip injury for the replacement surgery.
  • Researchers even suggest the patients to go for the surgery, even before the ultimate condition. Under such situation, the different nerves, tendons remain active and thus recovery is much easier at that level. Earlier it was thought it will generate different complexities so doctors suggested for the treatment at the last condition. Presently, the doctors are recommending the surgery to the patients who are not in the last condition.

The above things state that popularity of hip replacement is growing everyday and even the doctors are recommending different patients for the same. People are looking ahead to know more about the treatment and orthopedic doctor woodbridge va. Above information will be perfect for all of them, who want to know different things about hip replacement. All you need to search for the best doctor or surgeon of your area.


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How Orthopedic Surgeons Treat Your Joints

There has been cases where in people, suffering from hip pain, would have to undergo hip surgery. Most of the time it has something to do with aging, but as the latest studies shows, younger aged people are already prone to having this type of condition and undergo surgery as hip surgeon may advise.

How hip replacement surgery is done?

Common to most surgical operations, a patient must be put to a deep sleep during the operation. And incision will be made at the side of the hip which is about 8 – 10 inches long. Moving the muscles connected to the thighbone exposes the hip joint, and as the ball portion of the joint is removed, the artificial joint will be attached as a replacement.

Preparing the surface of the hipbone is another procedure while removing any cartilage that has been damaged; the replacement socket part will then be attached as the new ball part of the thighbone is inserted. Reattaching all of the muscles and closing the incision will be done last.

Recovery from hip surgery

Patients are usually moved to the recovery room and be observed for a several hours until they wake up and gain consciousness. It would usually take 3-4 days at the hospital before the hip doctor sends you home. While there might be some possible complications that may occur after the surgery, it actually occurs in less than 2% of the patients.

Physical therapy is recommended most for pain in hips to help patients recover faster and be able to have normal hip movement after the surgery. It usually starts after the day of the surgery and will continue even if you already left the hospital.

Getting some help after hip surgery

Most of the time, during recovery, there are some restricted hip body movements that will limit your functions at home, and if you live alone, it would be harder for sure. Asking a family member or some friends to help you for a few days is recommended especially for preparing your food, cleaning, errands and also for transportation. There are also some homecare agencies that can provide help especially for this kind of need, however, they are based on an hourly rate which could go over $20 an hour.

Going through this operation is really hard and takes time to recover, the fact that you have to continue with rehabilitation as recommended by your doctor is already time consuming and needs a lot of effort from you in order to work. In the span on 3 to 6 weeks, you should be able to go back to your normal routine, our incisions should have been better with minimal pain provided you were able to take care of it after it has been removed 14 days after the operation.

Helping yourself recover not only takes a good exercise and medications after hip replacement procedure, it also helps to invest on good and nutritious foods to support your body, fruits and vegetables is your best option for living a healthier life.

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