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How to start your water filtration company?

The demand for home water filtration systems has increased over the years. So, one can say that a home water filtration company is a lucrative and successful business choice.  Nevertheless, like any other business, there are still necessary steps to consider before one enters the water filtration system market. 

Starting a water filtration service

Here is the guide to the steps for starting your own home water filtration system company.

Understand your Market

Like any other business, you should have knowledge about the market you opt to choose. To know the market means to be aware of demand in your targeted area and the established competitors that reside there. You can conduct online surveys or interview your potential customers about their needs. On the other hand, studying the marketing strategy of your competitors will help you lay out your plan better for do’s and don’t. It will also help you identify your unique selling point which is always best for getting the attention of the customers. 

Identify you Niche

There are different types of water filtration systems like reverse osmosis, carbon filters, UV disinfection systems, and several others. So, when you have enough understanding of your targeted customers, you can easily identify your niche depending on their needs. Although keeping your expertise and resources in mind during this step is also very important.

Layout your Business Plan

You can devise a detailed business plan with the knowledge of your market and your niche. You will start with the products you are offering, advertising strategies, and the finances it will require. Furthermore, it will define your business goals and crucial choices to achieve them.

Acquire your Funds

A water filtration system company requires a lot of capital depending on the extent of your water park and the range of products you offer. Usually, it can start from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You need to have an account to cover the prices of land, material, marketing, staff, maintenance, and utilities. Additional costs of taxes and permits shall also be included. This can be overwhelming if you don’t have enough funding. Nevertheless, you can opt for bank loans crowdfunds, or governmental grants. 

Register your Company

To start any company, one is required to get it registered with related authorities. In other words, this is how you secure your business by getting an official license. Furthermore, you’ll register for taxes and other necessary permits.

Build your Brand Identity

Making a strong brand identity is the most beneficial step for any business, especially for a competitive one like a water filtration system. You have to start by picking a unique, non-generic name and one that portrays your brand identity. Words like “Aqua” or “Pure” are pretty worn out. So take your time doing enough research in choosing a name. 

What follows after the name is your, logo, social media presence, and website, Make sure to keep all the marketing materials connected and true to your brand’s mission.  

Obtain High-Quality Products

You may be getting your products from external sources or building your own depending on your niche and market demands. In either case, you should always opt for high standards and necessary regulations to gain your customer’s trust. 

Strategize your sales

Making a sales strategy includes the way you will price, distribute and promote your products. You must set your prices considering your profits, markets demand, and the prices offered by your competitors.  In addition, you should make put your company on different distribution channels like websites, retail stores, and other distributors. Social media, digital marketing, and other advertising channels should also play a part in your sales strategy. 

Hire the experts

When it comes to expanding your team, make sure you are going for the ones who are experts in their work. You will need skilled employees for manufacturing, marketing, sales, and customer care to depend on. Hiring experts in accounting and legal services will also help in upscaling your company.

Prioritize your Customers

Prioritizing your customers means is to provide them with a high standard of services and maintenance of the product. If you keep your customer satisfied, they will stay loyal to you. Long-term warranties and support will keep making them opt for your services. 


It requires hard work and requires hard work and resources to start your own home water filtration company. However, following the above-mentioned steps will result in a successful and profitable bottled water home delivery Erie.

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