how Japanese straightening works

How To Prepare For Japanese Hair Straightening?

Are you one of those women who struggle tirelessly every morning to tame down dry, frizzy hair in the hope of achieving sleek, smooth hair? If yes, you are in the right place. Japanese hair straightening is for you, and we will take a look at how this procedure works.

What Is Japanese Hair Straightening?

This procedure is different from traditional hair strengthening methods in a way that they treat the cortex that is the outermost layer with chemicals to straighten them. Whereas, the Japanese method treats them internally which imparts more of a permanent straight hair look that lasts for up to six months.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, traditional hair straighteners mainly treat the cortex. When you opt for the Japanese treatment, chemicals that straighten from within the cortex are applied. The hair is then blow-dried and ironed using special ceramic irons. The last step involves the application of a neutralizer. The neutralizer takes a couple of days to absorb deep down in the internal layers of hair to work its magic and permanently keep the hair frizz-free and straight.

Who Can Practice This Procedure?

We would suggest you visit a professional Japanese straightening hairstylist who has years of expertise in his portfolio in doing this treatment. The process involved is critically demanding, needing an expert to handle it. Never go to a naive stylist or brace yourself for burnt, disastrous hair. You can also get this treatment done at half the price as many salons and stylists are doing them but get ready for the aftermath because no one will take responsibility for the damage they have done.

What Preparation Should You Make Before Your Salon Visit?

  1. Keep your hair chemical-free for at least ten days before your appointment. If you had any treatments done, be honest with your stylist and tell them the truth.
  2. Wash your hair twice or thrice to remove any build-up on the day your treatment is due.
  3. Do not condition your hair.
  4. Do not use any hair color treatments on your hair for at least ten days before your appointment.
  5. Don’t blow dry or use any styling irons that day. Let your hair air dry.


The aftercare for Japanese hair straightening is pretty intricate too. You won’t be able to wash your hair, tie or bend them in any way because the stylist might have done his job, but the neutralizer needs two to three days to work its magic and work deep down in the air shaft. You can get your hair color-treated afterward. Be sure to wait for at least a week before heading into the session.

Benefits Of Japanese Hair Straightening

There are numerous benefits attached to this procedure. The most notable of them being a huge timesaver. You won’t have to rush to salons for the professional blow dryers often. Your morning chaos will also reduce, saving your precious time in straightening and taming wild, dry, frizzy hair. This treatment will last for six months. You’ll have to occasionally visit your stylist for minor touch-ups.

Drawbacks Of Japanese Hair Straightening

There aren’t many of them. But the ones that pertain are for you to decide whether you want to risk them and if your hair, time, and money are worth the risk? Your hair is going to undergo extensive chemical treatment. Some people report excessive hair loss after the session, while some complain of burnt hair. You can claim your damage but can’t restore your lost glory. Another drawback is the continual follow-up you’ll have to undergo till the time you want to maintain your sleek straight hair. Your new grown hair will be curly or wavy. You’ll have to pay regular visits to straighten them. Imagine the horrid look of having a wavy head and pin-straight hair down the bottom.

Cost Involved

The entire process can cost you a couple of hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars depending solely on your hair texture and depth. Thicker hair needs more elaborate treatment, whereas thinner, shorter hair needs less time, money and effort to treat.

Lastly, always go to reputable hair straightening salons Rockville and beware of cheap counterfeits that’ll boast of saving your time and money but ultimately cost you more time and money.

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