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Roof Maintenance Checklist

The roof is an important component of the house keeping you safe from rain, snow, and other extreme weather conditions. Even though roofs tend to last for years as long as they are maintained properly but will eventually need replacement. We have put together a list of roof maintenance tips that will help you prevent and prolong your roof’s health and perform roof repair, if required, saving you a lot of money.

Check The Shingles

The first thing you need to do is check the shingles properly, especially after a thunderstorm or high winds. If you live in a region that experiences extreme weather conditions almost throughout the year, you will need to make regular inspections.

If you are not able to climb the roof every time for inspection, you can simply use a pair of binoculars to take a close look at any unusual signs. If you find any missing shingles, or damaged or curled shingles, you will need to contact an expert to fix the issue immediately.

Get A Professional Roof Inspection

This is perhaps the most important tip you need to keep in mind that will help avoid many expensive repair and replacement costs down the road. The majority of house owners believe that professional roof inspections are just a hoax.

However, if you were to select a licensed expert, they will not only perform a thorough inspection of the roof but also make any repairs and replacements beforehand. There have been many cases in the past where homeowners simply failed to detect minor damages and had their roofs severely damaged during rains.

This could be a serious situation if you have kids and elderly people in the house who struggle with mobility. Most experts recommend annual inspections at least twice a year. However, even once will work if your region is not vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

Look For Leaks In Your Attic & Ceilings

Another good tip for a roof maintenance checklist is to look for water stains inside your house. Regularly inspecting the attic and ceiling is just as important as checking the roof. Water stranded on your roof can cause serious damage. In addition to the stains, it might leak into other areas and weaken the walls.

If you observe spots on the exterior walls, water stains in the ceiling, musty odors in certain rooms along with bulging patches in the walls, it means the situation has turned serious. Sometimes, it is not possible to detect minor leakages until they turn into bigger ones.

So, if you spot any of such signs, you should immediately call an expert and get the issue rectified.

Wash The Roof

Then again, washing the roof is as important as inspecting it. It is mostly believed that roofs are not meant to be washed and won’t make any difference either. At some point, your roof will become dirty to the point where algae will begin to grow. At the same time, if there are any cracks or leakages, you won’t be able to spot them just because there is a lot of dirt.

Cleaning the roof sheds light on many repairs and replacements that could leave you stranded in the middle of extreme weather conditions. This is why washing the roof at least once a year is necessary.

Trim The Surrounding Trees

Everyone loves nature and greenery. If you are someone who likes to have their house surrounded by trees, plants, shrubs, etc. you should not be having them too close to your house, especially the roof. If they are, you will need to ensure they are properly and timely trimmed to avoid damage.

There continue to be cases where trees tend to fall on roofs causing extremely expensive damages. Even if you have insurance, you will still be putting your loved ones’ life at risk. This is something you cannot afford at any cost.

Therefore, prevention is the best cure. You need to keep a safe distance of tress from the roof so that nothing breaks and damages the roof during strong winds. So, if you have trees too near the house, prune them regularly or consider cutting them down.

Clean The Gutters

If you were not aware, your roof has a gutter that transports water to the ground. With time, these gutters become clogged due to debris. As a result, the water remains stranded and eventually leads to rust, leakages, and other issues. That said, you should clean the gutters at least once or twice a year.

If the situation demands more, you will need to do it to protect the structural integrity of the house. It is a dirty job. You might need an expert roofer on your side.

Patch Up Your Chimney

While inspecting the roof, you should also inspect the chimney and make sure to fix any visual damages. In most cases, you might come across missing mortar or cracks. You do not need to panic. It is normal in the case of chimneys. However, these cracks point to structural damage and could even spread further.

This could damage your roof let alone the chimney. So, it is best to hire a contractor to fix the issue. Plus, if you notice that the chimney is leaning or sloping, you will need to get it fixed and check the house for foundation problems as well.

Should I Repair Or Replace The Roof?

This is a common question related to roofs and mostly keeps the majority of homeowners in confusion. If your roof is many years old and you constantly need to get it repaired, it means it has lost its strength and will need major repairs.

It could also be that your roof sustained serious damage during strong winds and extreme rainfall. If there are any major cracks, the contractor will see if they are repairable. However, if the situation has come to the point where the roof has fallen, you will surely need to install a new roof.

However, keep in mind that you do not have to make such complicated decisions in the first place if you schedule expert inspection and maintenance. A neglected roof is relatively more vulnerable to major repair and replacement than one that is regularly inspected and maintained.

Can I Clean The Roof Myself?

Yes, you can clean the roof as long as you are willing to put in time and effort. You do not need to be experienced in this matter, all you need to do is purchase off-the-shelf products and read the instructions to clean the roof.

If you still find the process confusing, you could either consult or hire an expert. However, keep in mind that cleaning the roof can also be a risky task. You may fall and experience serious injuries. Plus, never try to climb the roof after rain or snowfall. Wait for things to settle down and then move further with the inspections and cleaning.


Our checklist of roof maintenance tips will help you keep the roof in tip-top condition. Make sure you perform regular inspections and always get the issues rectified by roofing contractors. And when the time comes, schedule expert maintenance as well to prevent mishaps in the future.

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