Neck pain doctors in McLean


Neck pain is the most common problem many people face but it can’t be avoided so visit neck pain doctor when it this pain becomes long-lasting.


Neck pain can be cured by some tips

The neck pain will involve pain in the neck as well as shoulders. Sometimes it goes down to the arm. One can feel numbness and weakness in the muscle. Generally neck pain can be caused by muscle tension as well as strain. But this pain will reduce automatically in a couple of days and needs basic treatment. This neck pain can be reduced with exercises, stretching or any other physical therapy. When the pain is extreme few injections are given and when the situation is too worst then surgery must be done. With few tips, neck pain can be relieved like applying a pack of ice on neck for fifteen minutes, twice or thrice a day can relieve pain and hot shower can relax the muscles and reduce the pain. Stretching the muscles will generally reduce the pain so the neck must be rotated gently sideways and up- down. Sometimes, massage will relieve a person from neck pain and it relieves the muscle sprain too. While sitting all the day, one must practice to sit in a good posture so that they can avoid neck pain.


Situations to Visit the doctor

When the pain is extreme and when the pain gets worst even after at most care, one must visit a doctor. If the pain moves down towards arms and legs then it is a serious knock. If headache and numbness are followed with the neck pain, it is essential to visit a doctor. The person must be sure to visit a doctor when the neck pain occurs in case of emergency like in any accident or he feels weakness in his muscles. If there is neck pain associated with high fever then one must rush to doctor as it may affect the brain and spine too.


Common causes of Neck Pain

Carrying heavy weights on shoulder can cause neck pain and emotional stress, carrying the phone between the shoulder and neck, sitting in wrong posture can cause neck pain. People face neck pain when they sleep on many pillows.

Doctors suggest the person what to do and what to not and they caution the person. Neck pain doctors in McLean is experienced and is well aware of the pain and causes of the pain.


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