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Don’t Assume That You Have a Clean Machine Until You Go for Commercial ice Maker Maintenance!

Have you ever considered that ice machine probably needs commercial ice maker maintenance? Well, if you don’t, then, no one can really blame you at first.

After all, these machines look innocuous enough. They just sit them as they wait for you to quench your thirst and cool your beverages every time you need them. You just grab the cup that comes with the unit, place it under the ice dispenser, and you can get your fill of your favorite beverage. Simple, easy and no worries, right? Many people take their commercial ice machines and soda machines for granted. But, don’t you think it’s about time to give them the second thought they deserve?

Ice Machines Get Used Every Day But Don’t Receive the Care They Need

Ice machines are being used every single day by consumers and business owners. These are reliable and are considered as a staple in the hospitality industry. However, it could be too easy to forget that this rather quiet workhouse in the industry also requires some TLC or tender loving care just like their fancy counterparts, the espresso makers.

The commercial ice machines, from the stand alone units to the type you usually find attached to the fountain drink dispensers, have the tendency to scale buildup and growth of mold on the water lines. All of these unwanted things can come in contact with the lines and even directly with the ice going into your favorite drinks. It can then lead to taste issues, health problem and ultimately, failure in the equipment.

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance is a Must

Just the thought that you come in contact with lime scale or mold overgrowth as you enjoy your usual icy cold beverage is more than enough to convince you the essence of cleaning these machines. However, aside from cleanliness, there is also the problem of proper maintenance.

Most machines, including the leading brands, can be very sensitive to build up of lime scale just like the lesser known brands. Every commercial ice machine always requires regular professional cleaning to retain the unit’s integrity. If your commercial ice machine is not cleaned properly, the parts of the unit may fail to operate and sooner or later, these could become irreparable.

Once the lines get overgrown with mold or lime scale, these may cause the rest of the parts like water distributors, water pumps and sensors to fail which can render your equipment useless. It can lead to serious issues, particularly during summer months.

There’s More to Maintenance Than What Meets the Eyes

Never assume that it is enough to just pour in those stinky chemicals to your machine then walk away like that. This is not the right kind of cleaning and will not benefit anyone, especially your machine. Your machine must be thoroughly cleaned and professionally disassembled. There is intense scrubbing and soaking involved which should be left to the hands of professionals. You have to maintain your unit on your own in between service calls through investing in water filter replacement every 6 months, with the use of antimicrobial products and sanitizing the machine regularly.

When summer season is around the corner, make sure that your commercial machine is properly checked and serviced. And while you are at it, you might want to go get an ice cream freezer repair va if needed.

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