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8 Types Of Tiles You Can Use To Build Your Backyard Patio

You may have difficulty in deciding which type of tiles are suitable for your backyard patio. You can ask your masonry contractor which tile is right for your patio, but knowing stuff cool. We have developed this guide which contains all the best possible options when it comes to tiles for the backyard patio. It will help you a lot in this regard and enable you to select the best tile option.


Porcelain is a common option when it comes to flooring. They are strong and a dense form of ceramic which makes them suitable for backyard patios as well. In porcelain tiles, you will have more options such as textured, matt, highly glassy and others. It should be noted that in terms of style, they are perfect as well as offer great durability. They are also suitable for modern and classical types of homes.


Many patio experts are of the view that the traditional ceramic tiles used for floors are also acceptable as an option for backyard patios. However, you need to make sure they carry enough PEI rating which indicates strength. It is important to note, there are different voices regarding the use of ceramic for patios. One group argues it is not strong while others believe it can still be a decent and strong patio tile option.


The use of quarry tiles is rife when it comes to patios. But they are not minded anymore. Instead, the quarry tiles are manufactured using unglazed clay. In terms of their durability, these are the best possible options. Quarry tiles are specifically designed for outdoor patios. Moreover, they also provide a decent look and are compatible with most house designs. Cost is a factor which you should take into account for quarry tiles.


For many to know, travertine is a form of natural stone with beautiful colors and texture. When it comes to the travertine tiles for patios, they are considered ideal for modern homes which feature contemporary styles. Moreover, they often need care and need to be polished. If you are choosing these tiles, you should consider these factors. However, they are really awesome and can make your backyard patio look unique and beautiful. A good number of experts are in favor of travertine.


Slate tiles are common nowadays. There are various reasons for this. They are hard, strong, durable as well as make the best option for backyard patios. Movement is smooth. Further, slate tiles come in different styles and textures which is a plus point about this option. If you want to make your backyard patio look different, slate can be the perfect idea to use as tiles. Cost is not a problem if you are going with slate tiles as they are relatively cheaper.


Here we have another option when it comes to patio tiles. There is no doubt that granite is a premium quality option for modern day patios. It is widely used due to its color variety, strength, durability as well as unique look. However, it must be noted, granite can be a bit slippery which should not be ignored. In addition, granite also needs to be sealed regularly so that staining and water penetration can be avoided.


It is a fact universally acknowledged that limestone has been in use for construction for a long time. What makes limestone so popular is the variety of options in color and textured. For patios, limestone is widely used. It can be a decent idea. However, it needs special care to avoid water penetration. Moreover, if you live in a region with dry climate, it will be the best option. It can be problematic in areas with more rains and harsh winters. Overall, limestone is a cheaper option for patios.


No one can deny that marble is one of the favorite and widely used materials for patios and other things. Its use in the construction sector is undeniable. Marble is also considered a decent option for patio for many reasons. It offers various colors, patterns, designs and strength. However, there are certain things which should not be ignored. For instance, marble is slippery and can cause issues. Therefore, you should take into account this factor.

Now that you know the tile-options you have, get a patio contractor Long Island in the loop to begin the process.