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Refrigerator Repair: Common Refrigerator Myths

The refrigerator has been around for a long time and due to this, there are plenty of myths surrounding it. Here are some of the most common myths as given by refrigerator repair professionals:

You don’t need to maintain your refrigerator

When people buy a refrigerator, all they want is a unit to keep their food cold. Due to this, many have a feeling that they don’t need to maintain it. There is nothing that is as misleading as this.

Just as your car needs periodic oil change, you need to take good care of your fridge for it to function efficiently. Some of the things you can do to extend the life of your fridge include: regularly vacuuming the condenser coils, regularly inspecting the gasket, among many other things.

When you notice an issue with your refrigerator, you should fix it immediately. The last thing you can do is to ignore it.

You need to run your refrigerator for a few hours and you will be set

This is a common misconception with people that want to save some energy. They think that by running the fridge for a few hours then shutting it they will effectively keep the food in it cool and fresh.

You should note that when you switch the fridge off, the temperatures inside will start rising which will lead to spoilage of the food. Do you want your food to remain fresh? You should keep the fridge running 24/7. The only reason you should switch it off is if you don’t have any food that you want to keep fresh.

It doesn’t matter where you place the food

Did you know that some areas aren’t ideal for certain foods? This is because the temperature in all areas of the fridge isn’t the same. For example, the doors are warmer than the rest of the fridge; therefore, you can’t place foods that need low temperatures there.

To help you out, here are some of the ideal places where you should place the different foods:

Top shelves: The temperatures here are a little warmer; therefore, you should reserve these areas for foods that don’t need to be cooked. Some of the foods to store here include: leftovers, juice, soda, and ready to eat foods.

Bottom shelves: This is usually the coldest area; therefore, you should place the foods that are prone to spoiling. Some of these foods include: eggs, meat, and dairy.

Crisper drawers: These are the drawers located at the bottom of most refrigerators. The purpose of the drawers is to provide ideal conditions for fruits and vegetables. As you might have guessed, these areas are ideal for fruits and vegetables. When placing the vegetables and fruits, ensure that they are separated so that they can maintain optimal freshness.

Door: The temperature on the door fluctuates due to the constant opening and closing. Due to this, you should keep the items that are less resistant to spoilage. Some of the best ones are: water, condiments, juice, and soda.

Keeping the refrigerator full saves energy

Some people think that when they fill the fridge they save energy as they keep all of their groceries cool at the same time. You should note that you will be damaging your fridge when you do this. This is because the compressor tends to work harder to keep the insides of the fridge cool.

In some cases, the compressor is unable to execute its work well enough leading to warm spots. As you might have guessed, this leads to food spoilage in the affected parts.

The freezer is an infinity box

Since the freezer is the coldest part of the fridge, some people have the notion that when they put things there, they will remain fresh forever. There is nothing that is further from the truth than this.

While the food you place there will go for a longer time without getting spoilt, it doesn’t mean that they will last forever. Commercial appliance repair Alexandria professionals recommend that you regularly take a look at the food there and eat it soon enough. If the food is getting spoilt, get rid of it as it will give your refrigerator an awful smell.

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