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How To Preserve Your Rugs

There are so many types of rugs that people can choose from nowadays to make their homes look even better and elegant, and if you buy traditional rug most of the time, chances are you already have a few boxes of rugs that you have kept for the longest time.

Rugs can be used anywhere, depending on the size, it could cover the whole dining or living room. Some have it in their bedroom while it’s most common in receiving areas where in visitors can appreciate its stylish deigns. There are so many rug store in Virginia, if you live nearby, who offers different patterns and sizes that may suit your needs, however, discounted Persian rug is the most popular choice of buyers.

Proper Care for Rugs

Avoiding too much sun exposure on your rugs helps maintain its good quality and texture. Too much of sunlight may damage its color and may result in to fading especially for the older rugs. In areas where there is direct sunlight on the part of the rug, see to it that you rotate them so that they would have even sun exposure as they will surely fade in time.

Vacuuming the rug is fine as long as you don’t use too much pressure on it. This helps maintain cleanliness to its fibers. In times that there are some cases that somebody spills on your rug, washing them off right away also prevent stains forming on the rug. Using a dry cloth to absorb the spills will help avoid too much wetness on the rug. Washing it with plain water should do the trick, just don’t leave the rug wet for a long period of time to preserve its beauty.

When there is just too much rugs at home, tendencies are you will be forced to choose your favorites and just keep the others. Storing your rugs may require a few attentions such as not putting them inside a plastic bag, placing in a cool, dry place and if possible, have them washed first before keeping them.

Cleaning the Rugs

Vacuum is a very common tool in cleaning your antique rugs, however, if you notice some threads or fibers showing up, vacuuming the rug may worsen the situation. Washing your carpets regularly is recommended but should be just plain water most of the time. If you wanted to shampoo your carpet, this can also be done but only a few times in a year to make sure you prevent the color form fading.

There are professional rug cleaners that you can hire for cleaning antique rugs or you can bring it to a dry cleaning service to make sure that it is being taken care of. Bigger rugs are harder to clean and needs a huge space when hanging them, while having them dry cleaned may cost you more. Making sure that you have the necessary cleaning tools for your rugs ensures that you are somehow preserving their color and material so that you can still use them after a few years provided you keep them in a good storage.

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