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An Allergy or Cold Sore?

What Triggers Your Cold Sore Allergy?

Having a cold sore from an allergic reaction is not at all acceptable both superficially and naturally, may it be anywhere on your face, elsewhere in your body, plus the fact that they are absolutely agonizing. They are defined as tiny, fluid-filled contusions that are commonly visible around your lip area. They usually form into groups and once they crack, sores then emanate.

The sad fact is that there is no accurate allergy treatment for cold sores. So, you have to be aware of what are the causes of your “cankers”, since not all of us have the same exact points that will generate cold sores.

Underestimated Trigger Points

Cold sores are a common result of an allergic reaction whilst treatment for cold sores can also lead to an allergy outburst. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to its uprising – both internally and externally.

  • Fatigue

Our immune system gets easily squeezed out by stress and illness or by fatigue in general. Once it hits us, we become more prone to cold sore surge.

  • Stress

The moment that stress hits our emotions, everything else follows and it is also one of the cankers gateways to penetrate into our system.

  • Too much exposure to cold weather

The moment we get too much exposure to cold weather or in a room with a high air conditioning temperature our lips will easily dry up and will cause a cold sore.

  • Harmful UV rays

Too much exposure to ultraviolet rays or UV rays will also lead to cankers and will damage our skin too.

  • Pay attention to hormonal cycle

This is very evident in women during menstrual cycle. The change in hormones triggers not only mood flare-ups but as well as a cold sore surge.

  • A wounded mouth can be a gateway

Cold sore or cankers also develop when our lips are caught up in an injury or trauma which may further need a dental procedure.

  • Being sickly

Being prone to fever or flu will make us powerless and will just make us available to other forms of diseases and cankers most especially.

  • Allergy

Sometimes allergy treatments can contribute to the blister eruption on our lips. In this case, you have to consult a skin allergy doctor for you to be guided and prescribed the proper medication.

Beat Those Lip Blisters!

Now that we have figured out the possible causes of cold sore or cankers, let’s go over the preventative measures we can use in order to reduce it from happening.

  • Step up and Fight

In order to beat fatigue learn to relax, give time for exercise and make room for more sleep. Keep your immune system in its fighting form of consulting a doctor or pharmacist about the best immune system boosters.

  • Relax

Keeping yourself under pressure will give enough space to overpower your stress out and breathe in air to relax and cool your system down better.

  • Maintain a good body temperature

As much as possible protect yourself from too much exposure to cold weather or room. Wear an outfit that will keep you warm like scarf, thick sweater or a turtleneck that will be just enough to sustain your normal body temperature.

  • Stay away from the harmful UV rays

Protect your skin by applying sunscreen which you can purchase from a pharmacy or a cool beach umbrella.

  • Know your Hormonal Cycle

Hormonal change during periods normally triggers mood change as well, so keeping a tube of cold sore patch handy, which you can also purchase from any pharmacy, will help you treat cankers.

  • Keep your mouth from Trauma

This case may need a dental consultation in order to be treated well. Maintaining a clean and healthy mouth will prevent it from any injury or trauma.

  • Stay Healthy

In the event that you feel like you are going to be hit with a fever or flu, consult your skin allergy doctor to get the best immediate yet safest cure and take time rest and double your fluid intake. Keeping a healthy lifestyle will prevent cold sores and allergies from attacking.


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