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Know about sleeping disorder

Restless leg syndrome, alias RLS, is a critical issue faced by 20% of Americans. The National Heart, Lunch and Blood Institute claims that RLS represents another serious medical issue. In fact, RLS can be a side effect of various medical treatments too. The actual reason behind restless leg syndrome is not very clear. However, there are plenty of natural remedies to help you. These home remedies may work for some and fail in others. It just takes few tries to figure out what is the best remedy to help you.

#1 Cold & Heat Massage

The list of home remedies for RLS begins with cold & heat massage. In this remedy, cool and warm packs are applied on the muscles. Some people alternate between heat and chillness to ease achiness and leg pain. Indeed, you can relax by soaking your muscles in a warm whirlpool or bath. Ask someone to massage your legs before you go to bed. This will give your legs a soothing experience.

#2 Moderate Exercising

A lot of people believe that moderate exercising can relieve sleep disorders. Yes, moderate exercising will change the way your body feels. However, you must not overdo the workout. Don’t exercise too late into the day. Simple leg stretches will be useful when you want to relieve from RLS. On the other hand, a brisk walk for 30-minutes will not do any good. Doctors believe that muscle tension and stress triggers RLS symptoms. Good ways to eradicate muscle tension would be yoga, meditation and tai chi. These routines are powerful enough to relax the mind and body.

#3 Sleep Environment

There bond between sleep problems and the sleep environment is very high. RLS will have an impact on your energy levels and sleep pattern. The best way to break this problem is by sleeping to a schedule. Go to bed at a fixed time and wake up at the same time every day. This routine has to be followed sincerely. Think about how you form your sleep environment too. There shouldn’t be any glowing electronics or digital alarm clocks. Invest on comfortable furniture and linens to make your bedroom an oasis for relaxation.

#4 Consume Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency

Finally, you should consume vitamin and mineral supplements to eradicate RLS. Restless leg syndrome is a side effect of vitamin and mineral (vitamin B, iron, magnesium and folic acid) deficiency. So, take your dietary supplements properly. Visiting sleep clinic silver spring will work.

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