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Stone Veneer Vs Brick Veneer – Which Exterior Wall Siding To Choose

Stone and brick veneers can allow you to enjoy the looks and feels of these materials without actually paying for the actual materials. Doing this can save you a lot of labor and expenses. You only have to hire a stone veneer contractor and buy the material.

These wall sidings don’t only provide your house with amazing looks, but it also provides an extra layer of insulation due to the air gap between the veneer and the outside of the walls of your house. This serves to increase the energy efficiency of your house as well.

In the past, workers will usually use mortar to lay down each brick and stone in place. While this looked very beautiful, this process was really expensive, time consuming, and also required a lifetime of upkeep and maintenance to stay in a good shape.

In building projects, these materials are responsible for supporting the whole building. That is why moving those materials from their fixed space can compromise the strength of your building. On the other hand, stone and brick veneers are applied after completing the construction project. Therefore, you can remove the veneers and the building will still stay intact.

Here are brief overviews of using both stone and brick veneers as siding on your house.

Benefits Of Stone Veneer

In the past, stone was used for construction because it was the only durable material available. However, it has become more of an aesthetic feature in building projects these days. So, you can use thin stone veneer outside your house as siding. This will work as a great decorative feature for both your house and your business facility.

Stone veneers are actually made by attaching together stones made with Portland cement, pumice and some other materials. All of this results in a natural looking wall siding that will definitely meet your aesthetic requirements.

Thin stone veneer can actually be used in round areas since it is flexible. This type of veneer is easy to install, and you don’t need any special skills to install it on the outside of your house as only a few woodworking tools are required for the task. Additionally, this type of veneer weighs a lot lesser as compared to real stones, so the shipping costs are pretty low, and working with these is also easy and safe.

Benefits Of Brick Veneer

While stone veneers are actually made from engineered stones, thin brick veneers are made from thin bricks cooked in a kiln by using the same materials as in traditional bricks. However, installing it is as easy as installing a stone veneer, and no expert knowledge and hard work is required in the process.

You can actually buy thin brick veneer sheets cut in specific sizes, and just stick them to the outside of your house. Buildings made with bricks as their structural unit require expert brick work in order to stay intact.

However, this might not be possible in areas where strict laws regarding earthquake and water safety are applicable. But there are no laws and codes for installing brick veneers, and you can install them after completing your code compliant building. This way, you’ll fulfill all the legal requirements, and will still be getting the looks that you always needed.

Thin brick veneers are available in a variety of different sizes and colors to choose from, and they can be fitted with any type of building structure.

Stone Vs Brick Veneer, Which One Is Better?

If you’re divided between stone and brick veneer for your next home renovation project, you should keep in mind that both of them look great. At the end, it all depends on your personal preferences. Both of them are high quality as well, and will last for a pretty long time if installed correctly and maintained well on the long run.


You can even get decent warranties on both of them, and they require less maintenance. For an affordable price, you can get a great looking exterior for decades to come. You can call a masonry contractor and book an appointment with them to get a free estimate. This way, you can choose the one which falls under your budget. lagrass

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