5 Things to Concern Before You Get New AC System Installation

It definitely feels quite exciting when we are about to get a new AC system installation. Our home will have cool air even during summer season. However, before installing the unit, there are several things that you must concern first. Looking at these factors will prevent you from unwanted problems or unnecessary repairs which might occur later. So, what factors we should be aware of?


  1. The Room Size

The first thing we must examine before getting new AC system installation is the room size. The size of the room will determine the British Thermal Unit or also known as BTU. This unit is the speed of a cooling system for one meter square with standard height. The height is commonly around 3 meters. In order to count the BTU, there are several things we need to find out. That includes the window and door type, house placement, contruction material, and many more. The bigger the room size is, the bigger BTU you will require.


  1. The Placement

Placement is another important factor that you must not forget. If we overlook this matter, the air conditioner might not be able to perform well. In this case, you have to know which spot is perfect to let the air flow thoroughly. By that, it will not blow on one point only. You must also pay attention toward the furniture placement. Make sure that none of them will block the air way. Do not forget that the AC must not blow directly to you, or it will affect your health condition. The placement of the compressor is a big matter too. Place this thing in a spot where it gets a good air circulation and is protected from rain.


  1. The Budget

Budget is one of the biggest issues that people have to deal with for all matters. Before we even buy the unit, you have to learn how much electric capacity your house can hold. After knowing it, try to find the unit which does not consume too much energy. Otherwise, the breaker in your house might keep going off everytime you turn it on.


  1. The Brand

Brand is, indeed, quite important to look at when we are searching for air conditioner. At the moment, there have been a lot of different AC brands you can find. If you have no clue which one is better, you can ask a professional. They will tell you which one is more suitable to your needs. In our opinion, relating it to the previous factor, it is better to find a brand with energy efficient air conditioning system. You can save more energy costs with this type.


  1. The AC Repair Company

This is one factor that most homeowners often miss out. When we buy an air conditioner, we must expect that mechanical issues will occur in the future. We certainly do not want to call any technicians just like that, right? Who knows their service might be bad, or their cost might be expensive too. Therefore, it will be best for you to search for an ac repair company port jefferson ny beforehand with top quality service and effective price.


Those are all the things you can consider before you do the new AC system installation. Hopefully these can help you a lot so there will be no big problems appear later.