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What Are The Best Tree Felling Techniques

The term tree felling refers to cutting down a tree. When you look at the video tutorials for cutting down a tree, it seems easy enough for you to try, but remember those are pros doing their job and they make it look easy because they are expert in it but if you are a newbie then it is suggested that you take help from tree removal companies.

The basic definition of tree felling is to cut a tree from the base or bottom of the trunk so that the tree falls. If you still want to try out tree felling yourself then the below listed techniques will surely help you out.

Safety Equipment

But stop, before you start with the actual process you will need to take some safety measures. Listed below are the safety equipment and materials you will need for tree felling.

Hard Helmet

You will need a hard helmet to protect your head from the sawdust shavings and wood chippings and in case any accident occurs.

Strong Leather Gloves

These are required to protect your hands from any bruises or blisters during using the chainsaw.

Safety Goggles

Used to protect your eyes from the chippings and sawdust and to help you see clearly.

Big Boots

These will help you maintain your grip on the ground and to protect yourself in any accident.

Strong Ropes

These are required for tying the tree.


Will be used to carry tree and its branches away from the property.


Used to cut the tree. (Make sure to read all the safety precautions and take all protective measures before using it).


Tool used to cut the tree.


Before you proceed to cut down the tree make sure there is no property or people nearby. There are no houses or residential areas. There is no vehicle or power lines which could get damaged when the tree falls. Remove all obstacles surrounding the tree.

The Traditional Method

The traditional method is mostly used for most tree felling. And most trees can easily fall from this method. This is especially easier for smaller trees and as a beginner you should not attempt cutting tall trees.

  • You will need to tie knots on the trunk of the tree for pulling.
  • You will need to assess the height of the tree as sometimes you underestimate the height and it can fall on your roof or neighbor’s property which can have severe consequences.
  • Notice if there is a slight lean on any side so it will be easier to cut the tree from that side.
  • Make a deep cut parallel to the ground on the lower side of the base of the trunk. It should be 1/4th of the tree.
  • Make another cut 45 degrees to the parallel cut such that the point should meet and make a V notch and remove the wedge.
  • Make another 8-inch-deep cut on the opposite side horizontally.
  • Move away and pull the rope to ease the fall of the tree.

Metal Aids For Tree Felling

Sometimes even after making a V notch and cuts on the tree, the tree does not fall and remains in standing position. The metal breaking bars are fixed into the back cut and by using human power, you can cause the tree to fall in the direction of the notch. This helps to leverage the tree and cause it to fall.

Tree Removal By Crane

In residential areas where there is a lot of property and life, it is not feasible to do tree felling with the traditional method as there is not enough space and can cause damage to the surroundings. So, crane removal is used which removes the tree piece by piece. The crane is attached to a part of the tree and that area is cut by the chainsaw and removed and the same goes for the next piece.

Tree removal is not an easy task and should be handed over to arborist services MD as they are experienced to easily take down the tree with the least possibility of an accident. Moreover, never forget to search for a reliable and affordable service for getting rid of the tree that’s bothering you.

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