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Tree Cutting Services: Things To Watch Out When Felling A Tree

When you looking to fall a tree you should note that there are plenty of dangers that the practice comes with. Due to this, it’s always wise that you hire tree cutting services providers to help you out.

If you feel that you can cut the tree by yourself, you should go ahead and do it, but be cautious of the dangers that it comes with. Some of the things you should be on the lookout for include:

Staying too close to the tree

This is common with people that are used to cutting trees. When they are cutting the tree, they stay too close to it. I don’t know if it’s because they feel they are well acquainted with the trees.

Whatever the reason, you should know that it’s very dangerous to stay too close to the tree especially when it’s in the blink of coming down.

According to tree experts, the danger zone of a standing tree is the circle around the center of the stump. You also should avoid standing or being close to a distance that is within two-lengths of the tree you are bringing down.

This is because you are at high risk of getting hit by the falling tree. The tree can also hit you as it hits the ground.

For you to be on the safe side you should ensure that you are as far away from the tree as much as possible.

Failing to protect your ears

You use chainsaws to bring down the trees. As you might know, the machines are noisy, which is harmful to your ears. One of the mistakes you can make is to cut the trees without wearing the right hearing protection.

There are plenty of ear protectors in the market that you can go with. There are headphones, earplugs, and other units that you can use. For you to get the most from them, ensure that they are of high quality.

For the units to last for a long time, you need to properly maintain them. This calls for you to clean them regularly. You also should avoid dropping them hence putting them at the risk of breaking.

When you cut the trees without protecting your ears, you put yourself at the risk of suffering from noise-induced hearing loss.

Getting hit by broken limbs or top

Broken limbs or tops caught in the branches of a standing tree might be hidden from sight. In the event they are dislodged as the tree starts moving, they can hit you. The key to avoiding the accident from coming about is to be extra cautious when cutting the tree.

If you notice a broken limb, you should come up with a way of managing it. If possible, use a machine to dislodge the hazard. Another highly effective way of curbing the issue is driving the hazard with another tree.

Incorrect or poor tree felling technique

There is a lot of risks that come when you lose control and end up making an incorrect cut. You are bound to make these mistakes when:

  • You don’t properly asses the tree
  • You don’t properly clear the area around the tree
  • You don’t leave an adequate escape route in the event of an emergency
  • You over-cut the scarf
  • You stand in the wrong position when putting in the back cut
  • When the tree is falling, you don’t retreat far enough
  • Walking directly behind the falling tree
  • Continuing to make the back cut even after the tree has started to fall

For you to avoid this risk you should undertake a thorough assessment of the tree. Are you experienced enough to effectively bring down a large tree? If you aren’t, consider hiring a competent faller to help you out. Ensure that the faller has the necessary qualifications to complete the task.

You also should ensure that you use the right tree cutting tools.

Cutting dead trees

Another danger that comes about is cutting a dead tree. Broken, dead, or rotten trees are unpredictable and very dangerous when you don’t handle them properly. Dead trees can fall in any direction without warning. They also might break up as they are falling.

To protect yourself, ensure that you have cut down a dead tree before you even begin cutting the others. Carefully go around the area and confirm if there are any dead trees that might put your life in danger.

Getting struck from behind by a tree

This has resulted in plenty of serious injuries. You can be struck by a tree from behind due to various reasons. One of the reasons is the vibration of the large tree hitting the ground might be enough to cause a dead or unstable tree to fall.

As you are removing a tree that is sheltering an unstable tree, you might expose it to the wind causing it to fall.

To avoid hurting yourself you should leave enough room between you and the tree. Always stay as far away from the tree as much as possible.

The danger of the hung-up tree

A hung-up tree is a cut-up, uprooted, withdrawn, or pushed over a tree that is caught or stuck against another tree thus preventing it from falling to the ground. Tree removal companies Chevy Chase advice against ever working under a hung-up tree. When you notice a hung-up tree, get rid of it as soon as possible.

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Professional Tree Pruning and Trimming Services Will Give You Best Results

Professionals who know how to trim trees make it seem simple, yet there’s so much more to it than just cutting trees. While several tasks may be done on your own with the use of saws and pruners, majority of them should be left to the professionals. According to experts, the right tree pruning and trimming has to do with what portions you need to cut, when to do it, and how much.

The terms pruning and trimming are always interchangeably used to denote cutting trees, yet for those who really don’t know, just take note that trimming has something to do with the grooming of the tree and pruning has to do with the health of the tree and safety of structures and people near the tree.

Cutting Classifications

People consider tree pruning and trimming services for 4 general classifications and 2 of these have to do with trimming and some related to pruning. The first, fine pruning or trimming, entails cutting to enhance the appearance of the tree. The second is the standard pruning, which involves more cutting to enhance the structure of the tree. The third is the safety pruning, which is one where branches are removed because of the safety considerations. When the branches hang very low causing any danger, such trees are pruned. The fourth is the reduction of the crown, which involves getting rid of the branches on the sides or tops of the trees. Usually, this is done to prevent the trees from reaching the utility lines or causing damages to the roofs and to allow sunlight and air to reach inner branches.

Pruning the Correct Way

Tree pruning and trimming service once done by trained experts, ensure that the trees are pruned efficiently and correctly. If you intend to do pruning on your own, avoid climbing spurs that can damage the tree barks and trunks. Ensure that the barks on the edge of the pruning cuts are attached firmly. As for heavy, large branches, see to it that you cut them in sections for you to avoid the bark from splitting or tearing. Make sure to use ropes when lowering big branches.

The Right Time for Pruning

You may have tree pruning and trimming service anytime of the year because such services rely on the types of trees you have. The flowering trees that usually bloom during spring may be pruned or trimmed right after the flowering season. Those trees that bloom during summer should be pruned in early spring. It’s also advisable to prune fruit-bearing trees in late winter to give them shape and enable sunlight to shine on the center of the tree. Hardwood shrubs or trees without flowers are best pruned in dormant season, winter or late fall. When it comes to the dead branches, these should be cut anytime of the year.

Tree trimming and pruning services are very essential to keep every tree in your yard looking healthy and great. If you have trees that are damaged, you must consider a local tree removal potomac md service to ensure that it won’t damage your home during heavy wind or storm.

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What are some of the tree pruning tips that are must to follow?

For the yard maintenance and care, you need to follow the tree pruning tips. Trees add to the value of the property but at times they become real nuisance. Tree pruning is necessary if you want the trees to suit your environment. If you leave the trees like that, it will develop branches lower to the ground. To enhance the view of the entrance and the surrounding, you should remove the branches. Pruning the lower branches will not have any negative impact on the health of the tree. You can do the task yourself or hire an expert for the same. You should follow certain tips.

To what extent should you prune?

Before you start the task of tree pruning, try and determine how much you need to prune. To determine this, follow the below tips:

  • Consider the size, the age and the species of the tree. Some species like maple, magnolias, dogwood can branch lower to the ground. If you remove too much of the branches, it will impact the appearance of the tree.
  • You need to consider the height and level of tree maturity. If the tree is 100 feet, the first 10 feet of the tree will not be as essential as the first 10 feet of the 12 feet tree.
  • The extent of clearance you desire must be considered. Do not try and remove too much of lower limbs since that will affect the health of the tree.

Pruning the tree to let the grass grow

Most homeowners consider pruning and the removal of tree limbs just to let the underperforming grass to grow. The lower limb does not allow the sunlight to reach out to the grass and so it is important to consider pruning. The removal of the limbs is dependent on the tree species. More amount of light can reach out to the turf if the lower limbs are removed.

Calling an arborist

This is a very healthy step you can take. Pruning the tree in order to raise the canopy of the tree is pretty challenging. Hand over your tree pruning project to some reliable and responsible arborist.

Tree pruning services MD is the best way to prune the trees safely and efficiently. If the pruning is needed on a smaller tree, you can consider doing things yourself. For large trees, you always need an expert. Make sure you hire the arborist who is knowledgeable and excellent in the task.

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Get the list of valuable services of tree removal

The task of tree removal includes a lot of potential services and if you check out the online reviews on tree services then you will come to know about the same. These kinds of services are full of hazards and are pretty time-consuming and thus you got to take the assistance of any professional tree contractor in case you hardly get any time in doing the same by your own. If you are removing trees from your gardening space, then it will be included within the gardening service but if the trees of the society are being removed then it will become a social service.

Major services included under tree removal

  • Tree trimming and pruning are quite famous these days and they are treated as one of the most important services of tree removal. These services are mainly concerned in cutting or removing of those stems that are weak, dead or disease-prone. Sometimes, the long grasses creating greater troubles for plant growth are also trimmed properly.
  • Tree cutting is the laying down of trees and this activity is quite troublesome in nature especially in case the stumps are heavier. This activity highly demands a lot of essential tools like grinders, mechanical saws, protective gears, ladders, axes, ropes and many more. In this case, lying down of the trees is not only the sole motive rather the laid stumps also need to be removed so that unwanted hindrances can be easily avoided. There are some improved techniques that need to be followed for cutting down the trees with great care and safety.
  • Stump grinding is also an essential part of tree removal which mainly includes complete grinding of the laid down stumps so that the stumps can be easily removed. In this case, powerful stump grinders are being used.

Why specialized contractors are hired for tree removal?

  • Different hazards are usually involved in tree removal and all those hazards can be tactfully tackled or handled by the professional contractors. They usually follow varied safety guidelines in this regard.
  • You can remain complete stress-free and the work of tree removal will be automatically done within a short period. On the other hand, you can also get higher cost relaxation as unwanted expenses can be saved in this regard.
  • Tree removal contractor Bethesda is usually being hired so that the trees can be removed in a professional manner.


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