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Body Metabolism Level & Secret To Staying Fit

How to improve on the body metabolism rate to support your weight loss plan? Drink lots and lots of water daily and your body metabolism rate will improve drastically. It also helps in boosting your energy level. You may say, drinking coffee may also be a solution. Definitely, it is. But coffee contains caffeine. High intake of caffeine will result in causing health problems, most notably sleeping disorders.

Metabolism results in weight gain- or is it so?

Research has made it clear that metabolism alone is not responsible for gaining or losing weight. A person with super-fast fat-burning ability will never be able to stay slim if he/she continues consuming junk foods and never exercise. Similarly, those having a slower metabolism rate will never automatically increase on their weight. However, minute adjustments to someone’s metabolic rate can have some significant health benefits over a certain period. So why not give a boost to your metabolism rate just a bit more. Here are few tricks:

Cooler temperature can help

Try to avoid sleeping in a warmer room on a daily basis. Once in a while is ok, but never make it a habit to sleep in warmer conditions. When you sleep under air-conditioning effect, your body tends to develop a certain type of fat – brown fat. This fat looks more like muscle but it helps in burning other fat contents of the body and increases the metabolic rate. Henceforth, you need to keep your home and office environment cool.

Try to keep down the stress factor

Too much stress will make your body take longer to process the right amount of calories from the food you consume. This will slowly result in activating the cortisol hormone. This hormone worsens the metabolic rate and introduces the risk of obesity.

Proper sleep during the night hours

No matter how much rest period you enjoy all throughout the day, uninterrupted sleep during the night is a must to boost the metabolism rate. Not enough sleep during the night time results in slowing the metabolism rate with the brain secreting cortisol hormone. Sleeping for a minimum 7-8 hours is essential to provide your body with the right amount of rest and recovery time.

Pumping the iron

Perform some physical activity and your metabolism level will boost up. Strength training acts as a serious energy booster and helps in activating brown fats and rev metabolism. Include some serious weight training into your daily list of activities and make your life healthy and powerful. You can also opt for weight loss supplements.

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