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Reduce excess weight faster by following diet meal plans

For dieting people weight loss seems like a distant dream never attainable. They find it very difficult to achieve physically even if they are longing for it very much and doing everything that is possible for them to do. They might have already tries many of the popular weight loss diet plans appearing in the media and found the results to be disappointing. To get optimum results by dieting one has to select easy diet plans that do not necessitate any sacrifice from the part of the practitioner.  Choosing easy diet plans is a very difficult task for many people as they have already found that their earlier selections were useless. In this article I am going to introduce novel concepts for selecting the most suitable and easiest diet meal plan. The diet plan I introduce can be named as calorie centric diet plan.

Calorie centric diet meal plans

The basic idea behind this plan is to eat food daily with different calorie content so that your metabolism gets confused resulting in excess burning of fat and consequent loss of excess weight. For attaining this goal I recommend a special diet plan.  This diet plan can be called as ‘diet plan for idiots’.

According to this plan the practitioner will have to eat four meals every day for eleven days. Each day he will be eating different foods making the calorie content of each day entirely different from that of the previous day. After one cycle is completed, you are allowed to take three days off. During these three days you are allowed to eat anything as they are off days keeping in mind that you are on a diet meal plan. After this off period your cycle of diet plan will start again.  Repeat such cycles over and over again until the required results are obtained.

Other tips

  1. Flavoring: Flavor your food with spices and herbs only and do not use any other flavors as they are already added while processing the food.
  2. Chew slowly: Chewing slowly helps digestion of the food in a better way and helps you to feel fuller and it also gives and opportunity enjoy the taste of the food.
  3. Make your dinner plates smaller: This allows only smaller portion size of the food to be served in accordance with your how to lose weight.
  4. Eat more meals and snacks: increasing the number of times you eat meals and increasing the number of snacks intake helps you to reduce the total calorie value of everyday food you eat.
  5. Sugary snacks can be substituted by almonds.
  6. Reduce use of carbonated drinks like cock, soda etc.
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