4 Basic Digital Marketing Tips For Contractors

With more innovations in marketing strategies, consumer demands have changed. From a mop to a car, everything is getting sold online. Do you think, due to Covid-19, your index is getting low? Or maybe this is just because of your wrong marketing strategies or your avoidance of using digital marketing tools and review management system for your business. According to a study:

Only 45% of the business involved in the construction and contracting industries are growing.

You want to know why? That’s because consumers are looking for services online. Everything is digital now.

Every month, consumers perform 1.6 million searches looking for contractor services.

So, what are you waiting for? Advertise yourself online in a better way. This article is written to help you know what strategies you can use to get more potential customers. Want to know where to start? Let’s begin.

Build Your Website

If you’re a contractor and you don’t have a website, “Under what rock you’re living?” Having a website is the first and the most effective way to present your services online. So, build your website to reach your potential customers whenever they’re in need.

And if you already have a website, you still have to go through this step. It is because you cannot win over your customers with the old marketing strategies. You need to update it. So, build your website’s credibility with new design, fast services, and mobile-friendly usage.

For a useful website, you can apply the following strategies:

  • Update your website’s design: 75% of the consumers judge the credibility of your business by its web design.
  • Your website needs to be fast: No one’s going to sit and wait for a minute for your website to show results. People have other options. Do not let them leave your website. Make it fast.
  • Your website needs to be mobile-friendly: Most of the consumers search for their results on their phones. So, make your website mobile-friendly.
  • It must be secure: Your customer’s privacy is your sacred responsibility. And it shows your credibility. Therefore, your website needs HTTPS.

Invest In SEO

Having a website is good, but it is just a primary step. Your purpose is to reach more customers online. Only having a website is not going to help. The next step is to optimize your website. Therefore, invest in Search Engine Optimization of your website. This will help the search engines to find you based on your services and rank you accordingly.

47% of individuals click on the first three listings on a search engine.

Moreover, optimizing your site is going to help you in the following ways:

  • Target your specific customers
  • More leads
  • Target your areas of services
  • Improves the quality of your services

The algorithms of search engines, we can just say Google, are constantly changing. So, it is not possible to see 100% results quickly. It is going to take some time. Be patient, and keep experimenting with different techniques for better results.

Market Yourself On Social Media And Get Online Reviews

Social Media has a substantial impact on the success of your business. It helps you reach customers and other contractors from the whole world. And gives you a better understanding of the changing demands. Plus, it helps you advertise yourself more effectively.

You can use the following social media platforms to reach your customers:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • You Tube
  • Pinterest

You need to present your services in an effective and precise way to build your brand on social media and gain reviews. Furthermore, you must update yourself on social media every now and then for more leads.

Support Yourself Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay connected with your customers. It allows you to market your new strategies and your latest deals with new and old customers. It helps you connect emotionally with your customers. For instance, imagine yourself tired, exhausted, and sad at the end of the day, but then, you receive an email from a skincare brand you recently made a visit to: “We care about your skin. Stay hydrated with our new products. And take care of yourself. How would you feel? Obviously, it’ll bring a smile to your face with the soft words you’ve received.

Therefore, connect with your customers whenever, wherever, with effective digital marketing skills. And don’t forget to use essential tools such as review generation software, engagement marketing platforms, schedulers, and more advertising tools.

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