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Commercial Range Maintenance – Tips On Cleansing

Focusing on commercial range maintenance is crucial. After all, it is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment to be present in the kitchen space. They are available in different widths and wide range of top configurations. They feature griddle tops, French tops, charbroiler tops, hot top, and open burners. Every single aspect of range requires proper caring. If maintained well, these ranges would last for a longer period.

Cleaning the commercial range

Spills happen during the day. You need to take initiative to wipe off the excess amount of liquids from range area, but using a safer approach. Carry out thorough cleansing process at the end of every single shift. However, prior to the cleansing procedure, it is equally important to ensure that the range is totally turned off. The top should be cool enough to touch with bare hands. If the top is hot enough, wait for some time to get it cool down properly.

Cleaning as per the scenario

Whenever there happens to be any kind of spilling, get it wiped off immediately from the cooking ranges. This would ensure that the food will never become baked on top of the range. If spilling starts to extinguish the pilot light on gas range, there would be a requirement to get the burner heads cleaned. It is also necessary to clean the orifice before turning it on.

Cleaning the grates

Be it electric or gas, these ranges come with removable burners. This makes it easier to get the burner cleaned properly. Most of the gas ranges come with cast iron grates. They could be cleaned perfectly without much of trouble with the help of a wet and soft cloth. For deep cleansing purpose, these grates could be easily soaked in warm and soapy water. This would help in breaking down the grease. Calrod, a very common heating element, could be easily cleaned in the same way. Calrod heating elements are quite common on the electric commercial ranges. However, a word of caution: before plugging them back in, you need to let them get dried thoroughly.

Cleaning under the grates

It is advisable to get the burners and grates cleaned properly. Not only the upper portion, but the cleaning should be done at the lower parts also. Cleaning under the grates is important. Some stoves feature drip trays. If such is the scenario, remove them for deep cleaning purpose. Daily cleaning would prevent grease formation on these items. With proper cleaning and maintenance, it becomes easy enough to avoid the commercial range repair va scenarios.


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