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Hip Surgery- an ultimate remedy for Hip Pain

Hip Surgeon, is the need of most of the people above the age of 60 who suffer from mild to acute hip pain or stiffness. People suffering from hip pain find it very difficult to walk, bend over to pick up things or to perform exercise. It becomes very difficult for them to lead their normal and active life.

The hip is nothing but a ball and a socket joint similar to the ball and the socket joints in arms, knees, elbows or ankle. The ball on the top of the femur bone known as femoral head fits into the socket which is known as acetabulum, situated in pelvis. This ball makes a rotational movement in order to allow the legs to make forward, backward or sideways movement. There is a hip joint, surrounded by various tissues and fluid which makes the movement easier and reduces the friction among the bones.

Causes and Symptoms of Hip Pain

The main causes of hip pain are

  • Wear and tear of the ball and socket bones
  • Inflammation of the cartilaginous tissues around the joint.
  • External injury from a fall or the hip gets hurt.
  • Hip Fracture
  • Sciatic nerve which originates from the spinal cord may get inflamed
  • Inflammation of femoral cutaneous nerves during pregnancy.
  • Pain can also arise of hernia, both inguinal and femoral type.
  • Bone Cancer

The symptoms are primarily,       

  • Acute pain in the area surrounding Hip and Buttocks
  • Limping or walking with support
  • Unable to bear the body weight
  • Bending or a stooping posture

Remedial measures of Hip Pain

Whenever the above symptoms become acute and the person is not able to stand or walk properly, then they tend to seek medical help. If one has faced some accident and is suffering from broken hip then he should visit the best surgeon. There are several medications available for gradual and intermittent pain in the hip. Good rest, ice pack and pain killers can give temporary relief in case of Hip Pain. If the pain is acute and the normal activity of life is not restored after regular medication, then Hip replacement surgery is the only alternative. In this process, the femoral head is removed and is replaced artificial joints which with metal or plastic materials. The best hip doctor woodbridge va can make the life a little easy and relieve the person from the acute pain and this will help to regain their normal activities in life.


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